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Comedy Night! At The Red Bike

COMEDY NIGHT IS COMING !!!  First Friday, December 2nd at 8pm, at the Red Bicycle Bistro and Sushi bar.  The evening is osted by local humorist and provocateur, Steffon Moody, and features an All-Star crew of locally famous on-island comedians, plying their craft as only locally famous amateur comedians can ply.       
Comedy Night is, on average, more fun. If you haven’t been, here’s the setup: we invite jelly-kneed first timer’s, practiced amateurs and professional comedians to appear on the same stage. The newbies only get a few minutes of stage time because, well, it’s just better that way. Then we trot out some faces you may have seen performing around town and we finish up with a couple of pros.
Performing in front of an audience is one of the top universal fears. And of all performance forms, Stand Up comedy tops the terror list; right up there with Evil Knievel style motorcycle jumping.  
In general, comedians are expected to get a laugh about every 15 seconds. That’s 20 punchlines in a 5 minute routine.  Or, looked at another way, 20 opportunities for failure.  
In no other performance form are performers held to such a standard. Many experienced performers, usually comfortable in front of an audience, look like a deer in the headlights when asked to do Stand Up.  The pressure of evoking the laugh can be unbearable.  
That’s why comedians do it.  That’s why audiences come. It’s risky, dangerous, almost life- threatening. It’s an on-stage reality show, where the possibility of failure is integral to the show itself.   
Expect the usual ribald, tasteless, eccentric, and life transforming experience that is regularly delivered at regular Yuk fest.  These island comedians will sink or swim in death defying comedy routines.  That’s right!  Death Defying Comedy!  Please don’t try this at home folks.  Only untrained amateur professionals are qualified to run the gauntlet of a notoriously ruthless Vashon audience.
The headlining comedian and local comics will be announced soon!
There will be a cover charge, and the show starts at 8pm, but show up early and get a seat, because it is always packed!    
This show will most likely have adult content, so please use your best judgment when bringing children with you.   
See you then and there!