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Dirt! The Movie

This documentary film tells the story of Earth’s source of fertility.  The fate of humans has always been linked to dirt, our planet’s skin. Soil is alive, teeming with organisms typically so tiny we ignore them.  Stories from around the world show how we can re-connect in a beneficial relationship to our soil.  Wes Jackson, one of the many global experts interviewed in the film, comments, “It’s the end of a destructive economy and time to live within our means.”

Vashon has mineral rich glacial soil that often has witnessed degradation by the repeated clear-cutting of forests and planting agricultural mono-cultures.  This movie is a call to local action with its message of hope and restoration.

Zero Waste Vashon is sponsoring the film.  ZWV seeks to educate and engage islanders in converting our local organic waste into a local resource to improve our soil.  Last year we started a 3 year Waste to Garden (W2G) project to help us learn how local waste resources can be converted and employed as beneficial soil amendments.  The first year was a rousing success providing over 600 pounds of nutritious food from poor, clay fill dirt. The W2G project is recruiting volunteers now to help make 2017 even better by further building the soil. Time to dig in: your help makes us strong.  Join ZWV to help promote and work toward a low-carbon, sustainable future.

Dirt!  The Movie shows at 6 pm on Feb. 21st at the Vashon Theater.  Admission is by donation.  Doors will be open at 5:30 with info about Zero Waste Vashon at the door and during Q and A afterwards.  This Tuesday night showing is hosted by Vashon Theater through Vashon GreenTech Night.  Neither Island GreenTech nor Vashon Theater have approved, authorized, or sponsored the program content and are not affiliated with the sponsoring organization.