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The Echosphere Recitals: An Immersive Musical Experience

The Echosphere is something of an acoustical wonder. It is a 68’ inflatable sphere with 1000 sf floor space and an echo that hits you before you can enunciate. Inside the sphere, singers and musicians can play in an environment that emulates to others inside the full body experience of creating sound. Event Producer Cyra Jane of asiren productions has arranged to bring this otherworldly venue to the lawn at Open Space on the evening of June 25th, and she is inviting you to play and to immerse yourself in the resonance of sound and light.

The evening will begin at 7pm with an Open Floor where attendees are invited inside the sphere to play with sound. Stringed instruments resonate especially well and are encouraged. Musicians are invited to contact the producers with any questions on this portion. At 8:30pm, we will transition into the recital portion of the evening with a cello performance by musician and composer Ken Jacobsen and an a cappella performance ranging from Bjork to jazz to Opera and back by alternative soprano Cyra Jane. These recitals will be punctuated by harmonic vignettes from a set of crystal singing bowls played by Jacquelyn Lown and will end in a harmonic bath of sound. After this, we dance.  

The sphere will be lighted from the exterior with spots and original art projections, lights provided by Stageworks. The floor of the event space is a soft material, so there will be a shoe check and we encourage people to bring blankets. The VIP area will provide luxurious seating, pillows, and champagne, in addition to other perks. We will have a cash bar open throughout the event.

7-8:30   Open Floor for musicians and players to create and enjoy the soundscape
8:30-9:30   Performances by Cellist and Composer Ken Jacobsen and Alternative Soprano Cyra Jane, Vignettes of Crystal Singing Bowls for meditation and harmony
10:00-00    Trip Hop Dance Party

Ken Jacobsen is a guitarist, cellist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who currently lives in Tacoma WA and teaches there as well as Vashon Island. He has a degree in classical guitar performance and has performed and recorded many different classical styles including Renaissance, Baroque, Spanish/Flamenco, Brazilian guitar, Tango and modern music. Ken has been playing cello for many years, beginning in college with an irresistible urge to learn the Bach Cello Suites, and currently performs regularly on electric cello with loops and effects, creating multi-layered ambient soundscapes.

Cyra Jane is a classically trained soprano who has called Seattle and now Vashon Island home for the last 15 years. She is primarily a stone carver and installation artist who works out of the Bealle Greenhouses, and brings that same passion she puts in her artwork to her performance. She is excited to be coordinating with Open Space on this event and hopes it to be the first of many.