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Expressing Hope Through Art:

Carpe Diem Primary School Students Join Effort

Following the earthquake in Japan, many Carpe Diem families expressed an interest in doing something that would help students make sense of the tragedy while somehow doing something to help the children of Japan. Carpe Diem’s response is another amazing project that has shown how talented and compassionate our kids and their teachers are when they come together for a worthy cause.

Guided by primary teacher Janice Campbell, Carpe Diem students created sweet images, using Japanese symbols of good luck. These images were then beautifully collaged by fellow parent and graphic artist Allison Reid into posters and notecards. The art created offers a message of hope and resilience for Japan. In another project, parent Gwen McConnell helped the students develop messages for a tanabata ritual. These messages and wishes will be included in a larger art exhibit in Seattle.

All of the proceeds will be going to Mercy Corps' Comfort for Kids program . This program is designed to “help children in local communities recover from the emotional effects of a large-scale disaster and lessens the risk of long-term behavioral problems. It also helps children regain a sense of stability – helping them laugh and play, and just be kids once again.” This program was started in Haiti and is now being implemented in Japan and other areas that are experiencing war or natural disasters. More information on this program can be found at Posters and notecards have been sent to Mercy Corps to be posted in their Japan project sites to let the kids there know that the kids from Carpe Diem Primary School care deeply about the children of the world. The posters and notecards will be sold at several locations: Saturday Farmer’s Market on May 28 and June 4, at Carpe Diem School in the Land Trust Bldg. until June 16, and at Books By The Way while supplies last.

How Can You Help?
Purchase a poster or set of cards and show your support of Carpe Diem students and their efforts. All proceeds will benefit Mercy Corps Comfort for Kids Program
Where Can You Buy One?
Posters and Cards will be available at the Saturday Market on Vashon on May 28 and June 4. Posters may also be purchased at Books by the Way.
How Much?
Posters (18” x 24” full color art) will be sold for $20 each
Cards will be packaged in sets of 4, and sold for $8 each
All proceeds will benefit Mercy Corps Comfort for Kids Program

For more information, visit our website at
or contact parent Kirsten Gagnaire at or 206-617-8373 for more information.