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Fur Ball Cancelled

Due to construction delays, the Open Space venue will not be available by November 4 as originally scheduled, and the 2017 Fur Ball must be cancelled. The VIPP Board has considered various other venues on island, but there is no other space that would accommodate both the crowd and all the logistics accompanying the Fur Ball event.

VIPP will hold an online auction and the Board is working hard to plan for other ways to replace the $100,000 in lost revenue. We continue to explore these alternatives, but wanted to relay the news of the cancellation as quickly as possible to our incredibly hard-working volunteers and loyal VIPP supporters.

Our annual Fur Ball makes up approximately 40 per cent of VIPP’s total annual operating budget. If not replaced, the VIPP programs that have served islanders and dogs and cats for years are in jeopardy, including the following annual expenses:
-    More than $130,000 for veterinary bills to support dogs and cats in our care as well as a financial assistance program that has aided over 125 islanders faced with emergency vet bills.
-    More than $30,000 to care for relinquished dogs and cats. Last year we took in 70 dogs and cats and provided housing, food and veterinary care for an additional 25 found cats.  
-    Nearly $5000 for a program that provided low-cost microchipping in 2016 to 120 dogs and cats, enabling a swift return if they get lost. In addition, all dogs and cats that enter VIPP’s system are microchipped.
-    Nearly $5000 for a program that provided low-cost spay and neuter for 50 islander-owned pets.
All these efforts, plus lost and found and adoption services, are only possible because of our tireless volunteers and the amazing support of our community, much of which comes through the annual Fur Ball.  Just as important, the Fur Ball is a chance for all of us to celebrate VIPP’s successes.

As noted above, the VIPP board, volunteers and our event planners at FortunaLux are working on alternative approaches to ensure VIPP can continue the level of work and service we have provided to islanders for more than 30 years. Please stay tuned and look for additional information about our online auction and more in the coming weeks. If you have already purchased tickets for the 2017 Fur Ball, you will be contacted directly within the next few weeks. If you were going to donate items for the Fur Ball, please do so for our online auction. A VIPP volunteer will contact you soon.
We are grateful for your dedicated support of Vashon Island Pet Protectors.