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The Georgetown Orbits

The Georgetown Orbits boast a heavy regimen of traditional Ska and soulful Reggae. They have gained international attention as one of the few bands to pay tribute to the sounds of Jamaican Ska, a style which has gained notable popularity in Seattle since the band’s conception in late 2004. Their energetic live shows have never failed to impress audiences throughout the western US and Canada.

“If there is a fourth wave to come, perhaps it’s a return to the origins of the genre. Celebrating Ska’s more traditional roots, the Georgetown Orbits dispense with the third wave’s pop and punk, dropping it back into a slower tempo with allowances for talented musicians to shine with their respective instruments. Authenticity never sounded quite so right. ‘[The Georgetown Orbits] really play the roots of the music and it’s wonderful,’ says Lynval Golding [formerly of the UK’s Specials]. ‘They’re one of those bands that reminds me of where I come from. They’ve got a really great feel for the music.’” – Philip Roewe, Beacon Hill News, South District Journal

“Sometimes you need joyful music, upstrokes, building horns, swaying reggae. With a penchant for getting crowds moving you can expect a packed stage, both because of The Georgetown Orbits’ large band and their habit of inviting the audience up to dance.” – Kathryn Robinson, Seattle Met
Friday, June 30th, 8:30pm
The Georgetown Orbits
The Red Bicycle Bistro & Sushi. All-age’s ’till 11pm, 21+ after that. Free cover!