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Harbor School’s Aspiring Student Photographers Featured at Two Wall Gallery during May

The Harbor School students by Ray Pfortner
The Harbor School students by Ray Pfortner

Harbor School students, under the guidance and instruction of renowned island artists Christine Beck and Ray Pfortner, will be featured in an upcoming exhibit at Two Wall Gallery beginning May 2, 2014, and running throughout the month of May. The exhibit features dozens of photographs taken during a recent Harbor School Travel Study trip to Port Townsend.

Each year, Harbor School students participate in a Voyagers Week Travel Study trip that gives them a variety of experiences to choose from. The students featured this month at Two Wall Gallery selected the “Digital Photography Intensive” as their Voyagers Week choice (March 2014). Christine Beck and Ray Pfortner, led the week-long experience to Port Townsend along with THS faculty Zoë Hughes and accompanying alumni Lhamu Konrad (class of 2012). Students immersed themselves in photography -- learning the lessons of composition, framing, lighting, light painting in the dark, and other basic and advanced elements. From sunrise to sunset, their days were filled shooting around historic sites and the waterfront. At the end of each day, the instructors made time for the students to critique their work as a group. With thousands of photographs after one week of shooting, the students also learned the difficult art of selecting which ones they would use for the gallery exhibit.
“These teens were very impressive, full of enthusiasm and imagination. They photographed with a focus and seriousness that rivaled my adult students. As always with teens, the learning goes in both directions. I would have it no other way. What a joy to spend a week doing photography from first past last light with such a great team.” –Ray Pfortner, co-leader.

The work displayed at Two Wall Gallery is a collection of photos captured during Voyagers Week with each student represented. The works are for sale and proceeds will be used toward Harbor School’s Arts Initiative.