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Here we go again

Here we go again: the school district want’s to spend 10 million on improvements.  We said no last time and now they’re back.  When did the no voters ever get a second chance?

Building maintenance and upgrades should be part of an ongoing infrastructure budget.  This might be the case if the district didn’t spend all of their regular tax revenue on personnel and enrichment programs.

The track and field should be maintained by the teams that use them.  Further: Why would we as a community pave a high school track when we can’t get our highways paved?

Don’t think for a minute that the school improvements are for the kids: they are not.   Schools like most all government institutions are self serving.  Only about 10% of the children coming out of the system will be good enough to generate the kind of income required to afford homes here on Vashon.  The rest will fill the ranks of the working poor and reside in project areas.

Please reject the school bond and anything else the district wants.  Our schools used to serve Vashon Island.  The super schools Mike Soltman and company are building cater to the vast population surrounding us.