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Lelavision bring sound and light to stage

VAA’s first New Works Series 2012, presents Lelavision’s latest endeavor "Harvesting Light." A musical-sculpture installation/performance event, Ela Lamblin and Leah Mann perform Harvesting Light with Island guest artists Jason Staczek (composer), Lynelle Sjoberg and Abby Enson (movement artists). Two performances offer an earlier, abbreviated kid-friendly interactive performance, followed by a full length show.

Harvesting Light centers on a large scale electro-acoustic instrument, the Photosynthesizer. Featuring 24 blown glass resonators, Lamblin created the instrument at Tacoma’s Museum of Glass. The electronically activated acoustic instrument plays like a glass organ and is a beauty to behold. Choreographer Leah Mann will combine movement with Lamblin’s musical sculptures to create a multi-sensory unified experience of kinetic, aural and visual art forms.

Inspired by ideas about light--the sun as energy source, hidden potential of photosynthesis and light within or illumination of soul, "Harvesting" seeks to de-light, shed light and celebrate return of light. "It’s about community rituals; we create a little world, a particular ambience," says Mann.

Lamblin says, "Sculpture is something to breathe life into, to give a voice in song. My building blocks are sculptural form and space, sound and music, and kinetic, exhilarating movement. My ideas revolve around fusing these elements together, with Lelavision as their vessel for expression."

Lelavision toured to Canada, Japan and Germany in 2011. "We are particularly looking forward to performing in Chile in our 2012 season," says Lamblin.

VAA New Works
Lelavision "Harvesting Light"
Family Show: Saturday, Feb 25, 6 pm
Tickets: $7/$10
All ages, full length show: 8 pm
Tickets: $12/$15
VAA, Heron’s Nest,