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Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue And Migraines

Island Epicure

Some time ago I wrote a series of columns on which foods and herbs help people combat which ills. Now some readers have inquired what they can to remedy for their problems.  One of them asked what to do for fatigue. Besides recommending that she turn off TV and computer after supper, and to reduce the evening light level in her house, I suggested a little extra Vitamin Bl.

A few years ago my energy sank so low that I could barely drag myself off the couch and to the table to eat food my son John prepared. With daughter Suzanna’s help, I got to the clinic, was tested and told that my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was a little low.  They prescribed levothyroxine to bring it up a bit. It helped, but not much. I sought advice from my daughter’s naturopath, Dr. Kelly Wright who had my individual thyroid hormones themselves tested, and prescribed Naturethroid, to be taken with  the levothyroxine.  I promptly got back much of my missing energy.
After a few years, a new doctor retested my thyroid hormones and told me I’d swung from hypothyroid to hyperthyroid and could stop taking thyroid medication. I wonder whether they were looking at someone else’s blood sample, because I stopped for two days and it was a disaster. I promptly went back to Dr, Wright’s Naturethroid but dropped the extra thyroxine   Also I added Vitamin B Complex to my usual morning multivitamin. I listen to my body. Sometimes, I take a little extra Vitamin B1.  

There seems to be an explosion of thyroid problems--hypothyroidism, and thyroid cancer. I blame the bakers who make our store-brought bread. They have stopped adding iodine to their recipe and substituted bromine, a chemical that blocks iodine absorption. I don’t know whether they did it  because it’s cheaper, or because it makes the bread rise more. I get around that by putting sea vegetables in my soups--hijiki or wakame, and eating more seafoods. I put barley flour dumplings in the soup and skip the commercial bread.    

The second person’s problem was migraines. What  stops  migraines depends on what causes them. My other daughter, Jeannie, suffered from migraines because her diet was not a healthy one. For her lunch at work, she always took a sandwich made on white bread and a soft drink. Supper was whatever she could throw together fast.  Along with that, she was feeling a lot of tension at work. I sent her a care package with magnesium, multivitamin-mineral capsules and instructions to go to whole-grain,  gluten free bread for her sandwiches and a box of milk for lunch, and to ditch the high sugar soft drinks.  Now she’s her usual brisk, joyful, efficient self, and recently got a promotion at work.

My son Steve had migraines after being knocked down by a motorcycle that cut between the curb and the bus he was trying to mount. He hit his head on concrete pavement. To stop  fierce  headaches took several treatments by a Grostic chiropractic practitioner. A pedler on the corner had caught the motorcyclists license number and called the police. The motorcyclist had to pay Steve’s hospital bill.

For me, wheat gluten was the migraine cause. When I noticed that whenever I ate wheat in any form for three consecutive days, I got a migraine, I deleted wheat from my diet. My son John also eliminated health problems by foregoing wheat. We can both eat rye and barley, though they each have a smidgen of gluten.   Other food sensitivities can also cause migraines.  Allergy testing could find them.

Cutting cane sugar out of your diet takes away a pain increaser. Coconut sugar has only one-third the glycemic load of cane sugar, but no sugar is better yet.  Calcium and Vitamin E lessen pain perception, as does ginger root.  Magnesium is abundant in seeds (think beans, almonds pumpkin seeds), greens like kale, bok choy, etc needs calcium to function and vice versa. Almonds and almond meal yeld both magnesium and calcium.