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Original Works VCA Center for Dance

VCA Center for Dance “Original Works” returns this spring. Once a part of the spring recital, Original Works stands as its own production for the fourth year. This is the first Original Works to take place in the Katherine L White Hall.

For this event, VCA Center for Dance instructor and Original Works director Vanesa Wiley invited young Island performing artists to submit and audition with original creative concepts. “This performance is for the kids to play with their creativity; to learn to create on their own and find their own artist within themselves,” says Wiley.

Dancers and performers submit ideas and proposals, and go through a thorough process of auditioning and coaching to bring their ideas to stage-worthy performance levels. The multiple auditions, many deadlines and feedback allow the performers to see a progression of their own work and build confidence in themselves and what they create.

From Ballet to Hip Hop, Jazz to Tap to Modern, any and all forms of dance are represented. Although many pieces are created by students, some are choreographed by Center for Dance instructors and performed by the classes they teach. This not only provides a wider range of style, but gives the students a high bar to aim for with their own choreography. And, if the past is any indication, they reach and raise the bar.

This will be an exciting show with many wonderful performances. You won’t want to miss it!

Original Works
VCA Center for Dance
Friday, March 31, 7 pm
Saturday, April 1,  7 pm
Sunday, April 2, 1 pm

Katherine L White Hall
$12 Member/Student $14 Senior, $16 General