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Responding To The Maelstrom: Shaping The Stories That Guide Us

The All Island Forum will host the second in a series of community conversations on “Responding to The Maelstrom” at The Vashon Library on Thursday, February 26, from 3:00 – 5:00 PM.

This event builds on the great spirit and success of our January 15 forum subtitled “Change, Choice and Opportunity” when 28 Islanders gathered to explore their initial responses to the tumultuous situation we find ourselves in since the election.

We see this as another opportunity for meaningful exchange to consider how we are impacted, personally and as a community, by these divisive times. Focusing on our personal, internal experience, we hope to provide a buoying, supportive, creative, and honest environment to share our differing experiences and perspectives.  

At this February 23rd forum we intend to go deeper to acknowledge and potentially re-shape our individual stories that guide each of us in the face of these political, social and moral challenges.  We also want to stay very practical by examining what each of us needs to be effective in the weeks and months ahead.

We will be asking each other questions such as:
•    What is the story that orients and guides you right now? What is your own personal narrative about your situation in these times that organizes how you think, decide, and act?
•    What happens in you when the story that guides you runs into narratives imposed by others in power or in the media?
•    What do you need to stay resolute in the face of adversity?
•    What help and support do you need in order to make a real difference in your communities (both local and larger)?
Just as background, our January group included community leaders, educators, artists, individual activists and concerned citizens with many different interests and causes, ranging in age from their 20’s to 90, and bringing a very wide range of career and life experiences. Using “standing, living, moving maps” and small discussion groups, we looked at how our energies and emotions had shifted over the last two months — and then at how clear we had become about what we wanted to do to make a difference in the times ahead.  

Consistent with our intentions for all of our All Island Forums, we want each person to have a chance to listen, to speak and to be heard in a caring, respectful environment.  We invite you all to join us in developing more and more effective responses to these challenges — and staying connected on this longer journey.