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Sewer utility crew investigates possible overflow at Beulah Park facility on Vashon Island

A sewer utility crew with King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division responded late Thursday morning to a possible overflow at the Beulah Park Treatment Facility on Vashon Island.
Operators monitoring the facility remotely were alerted to a low-level alarm and sent a crew to investigate. Workers have been onsite all day to troubleshoot and explore possible causes.
Because the facility is close to Puget Sound, King County notified health and regulatory agencies, and posted signs warning people to avoid contact with the water near Beulah Cove. The county’s environmental lab will sample water quality over the next several days.
King County will update the public as more information is available.
The Beulah Park wastewater treatment system was built in the late 1990’s to replace failing septic systems on a portion of west Vashon Island. It serves several dozen households on Vashon Island and treats about 5,274 gallons of wastewater a day.