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Stay Free of Colds and Flu

Island Epicure

To remain healthy through this coming holiday season, we need to pamper our immune systems. Iron feeds the immune system. Think red meat, the best food source. Think zinc gluconate, a 13 milligram  lozenge of it at the very start of a cold, every two hours for up to a week but not longer. Too much zinc actually weakens immunity says Reader’s Digest book 1801 Home Remedies.

Enjoy and benefit from Vitamin C in its live, natural form--oranges, tangerines, minneolas.  Drink hot lemonade sweetened with honey to soothe a sore throat and head off a cold.  Lunch on hot, salty chicken soup. Chicken soup thins mucus. Add 1 finely chopped garlic clove to your bowlful. Garlic kills germs instantly.

Get some rest. It’s difficult, I know with all the Christmas shopping and gift wrapping and gingerbread men baking still to do, but take a 15-minute break every couple of hours. Tired people are more susceptible to germ attacks.

Above all, keep a jar of my antibacterial, antiviral Magic Potion handy. I make a strong tincture of it and put a couple of tablespoonfuls into my morning tea when I wake with stuffed-up sinuses. It’s effective against the fever of a flu, or any other fever.  My cleaning woman suffered a recurring fever that kept her from going to work, over and over again. Besides the misery if it, she could ill afford the  financial hit.

I gave her the  recipe for my cinnamon and clove potion. She made some of the tincture base of it and drank it undiluted. “It tasted terrible,” she said, “But it worked!” And her fevers never came back. Whatever caused them, whether viral or bacterial, it seems to have been routed for good.

My son John, here for the Thanksgiving feast, was feeling wiped out. He suspected he was coming down with some malady.   When he went back to Seattle that afternoon it was with a care package of leftover turkey and a little jar of my Fresh Cranberry Relish.  It’s just a pound of cranberries, sorted, washed, and food processor ground with a peeled and diced orange, one-fourth teaspoon ground cloves, and honey to taste (about half a cup). The relish has medicinal value, too.  Cranberries contain an acid that prevents germs from clinging to one’s bladder wall and causing an infection. Oh, yes, John’s impending malady went away.

My Magic Potion has appeared in my columns before but is still news to some readers.  I hope new Islanders  will see this for the first time and be saved from a pre-holiday season ruined with a bad cold or the flu, or if sick already will  get well fast.

Magic Potion Tincture
Makes about 1 cup

1 cinnamon stick
1 Tablespoon cloves
1 ½ cups boiling water

Simmer until the water turns good and brown. It will reduce as it simmers. Cool and transfer to ajar that owns a tight-fitting lid. This keeps without refrigeration.  The cloves are both antiseptic and a topical anaesthetic for a sore throat whether you gargle or sip it.  To use, dilute with three parts water to one part Magic Potion for a gargle.  Or put a couple of tablespoons of the tincture in a cup of tea, lemonade, or whatever hot beverage you wish to enjoy and benefit from.

Bon appatite et bon sante!