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VAA Gallery Opening: Photography/Paintings

Hallo Suesser, oil by Ken Susynski
Hallo Suesser, oil by Ken Susynski

A pair of artists serves up a bounty of abstract color and texture in February’s VAA Gallery exhibition. Photographer Karen Frank focuses on nature’s transformation of human detritus found on the beach. Painter Ken Susynski’s landscapes are influenced by European land and cityscapes.
Frank’s current series may be loosely categorized as abstract expressionist. The series began when she observed boat parts strewn along her Port Townsend area beach. Using her digital Canon Ti camera, Frank started her scientific, artistic documentation of nature versus technology. She discovered daily changes by photographing objects’ transformations by natural forces, rain, tides and time – rust and seaweed, barnacles and tiny reflective pools of captured sea water. The framed 12" x 18" pieces are printed on archival paper.
Susynski grew up in Europe. He says living in places such as Turkey and Germany greatly influenced his artistic approach and shaped his whole life. His education was provided by the architecture and museums of the world.
Susynski’s work compositionally derived from memories and experiences abroad, manifest in mixed media for his Vashon exhibition. He cuts older canvases into shapes and patterns, places them under a layer of acrylic gesso, then fills in with more oil washes, charcoal, ink and sometimes even automotive base paint. Working with palette knives, his fingers or directly from the paint tube, vivid color and strong abstract line characterize Susynski’s paintings.
Friday, February 1, 6 – 9 pm
Vashon Allied Arts
19704 Vashon Hwy SW