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Vashon’s 8-Word, 8-Day Poetry Open Mic is back!

That’s right, Vashon’s 8-Word, 8-Day Poetry Open Mic is back!

Inspired by the folks who, a dozen years ago, talked and read poetry at the Poetry Salon and Poetry Open Mic at Vashon Bookshop and at the Tea Shop, the Open Mic then settled in at Cafe Luna for nearly 5 years.  Now, the popular Open Mic will make its comeback, Thursday, January 26th, 6:30 p.m. at Vashon’s most welcoming community space, Vashon Library.

But wait a second.  “What exactly is an 8-Word, 8-Day Poetry Open Mic?”  you might ask.

Here’s how it works:  Use the following 8 words: map, current, bungalow, quail, consequence, fire, sticky, and bark with some of your own words to create a poem that is not hateful or obscene, and takes no longer than 3 minutes to share aloud.  Bring it to the Open Mic to read.  Or, share any poem, original or not, as long as you give credit to the poet who wrote it.  Or, just show up because you want to be part of the fun-loving, appreciative audience!

After all, one thing we all love about Vashon is that the neighbor who bags your groceries, plays on the basketball team, organizes a protest, or shares your commute could very well be the same guy (or girl) who sculpted that piece at the Blue Heron or plays great bass in a local band.  We love it that our neighbors are artists, activists, and poets.  So come entertain and be entertained.  You’ll be surprised to see who shows up!  (Check out Vashon Poetry Open Mic on Facebook!)