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Zero Waste Vashon Celebrating Earth Day

Zero Waste Vashon is celebrating Earth Day on the GreenTech movie night Tuesday, April 18th at the Vashon Theater.  Starting at 6 pm, we are showing the documentary Trashed. Some of us don’t think twice once the garbage is out of the house, but your neighbors in ZWV are working to reform the current model creating garbage.  Like our local efforts, this movie tracks trash deposits and efforts to reduce waste.  The zero waste solution?  Come see places where this is working! Jeremy Irons investigates solid grass roots solutions by individuals, activists, corporate and advocacy groups.  On average, each American generates over 5 pounds of waste daily.  You may be thinking, “Not in my garbage can!” but every purchase can generate waste in its production.  One of America’s fastest-growing industries?  The garbage business. On the other hand, reducing waste and recycling can create green jobs.

The film analyzes the causes and effects of the seemingly innocuous act of “taking out the garbage” while showcasing the individuals, activists, corporate and advocacy groups working to affect change and reform the current model. “Trashed” is an informative and thought-provoking film everyone interested in the future of sustainability should see.  This Tuesday night showing is hosted by Vashon Theater through Vashon GreenTech Night.  Neither Island GreenTech nor Vashon Theater have approved, authorized, or sponsored the program content and are not affiliated with the sponsoring organization.

One of the community solutions featured in the documentary is in San Francisco, where they mandate composting and recycling so that 78% of the waste stream is diverted from landfill. Seattle also has mandated recycling and composting of yard and food waste. King County does not have mandated goals but is exploring innovations.  After a ZWV initiated pilot study of yard and food waste, the Vashon Transfer Station now has on-going collection.  Another positive trend: since 2014 islanders have doubled the tons we recycle.  So we’re definitely moving in the right direction and we need community help to expand the efforts.  Join Zero Waste Vashon and your neighbors at the Theater on April 21st at 6 pm to explore waste solutions. Doors will be open at 5:30 with info about Zero Waste Vashon at the door.  Admission is by donation.