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If you live at the South End of Vashon, you may have heard the wolves of Wolftown.

They are mourning the death of the oldest wolf at Wolftown.

Our Big Black male Wah ShoShe (Courageous in Osage.)

Wah was rescued in 1998 from Idaho. Where he was confiscated by the Sheriffs dept. as he was owned illegally.


At length and at last the waiting is over. After a tension-filled two days and an additional day to tally and collate the results, voting returns are in for the 2011 Vashon Maury Island Garden Club Flower Fair. No longer will we have to suffer the agony of not knowing.

Time: The future…a (warm) day in late June.

Place: The newly completed arts campus encompasses the area from the parking lot south of the Blue Heron building to the north, ending at the corner of Cemetery Road and Vashon Highway SW.  The campus features a new building which houses an art gallery, an acoustically wonderful space for chorale, opera, chamber music, jazz, rock and roll, dance and theatrical performances, as well as a dressing room, greenroom and loading dock, all of which double as classrooms, prop and costume areas, a kitchen and administrative offices. 

I was ecstatic to hear through a friend that a writer’s day camp for young adults will be underway in early August.  What’s compelling about this day camp is that Mel Michaels, the project’s mastermind, has also started a local publishing company, aptly named, Frog Holler Press.   Frog Holler Press will be publishing an anthology twice year with the creative work produced by local Vashon young adults.    

I don’t remember a festival, at least in the last 33 years, where it rained all weekend. Despite the damp and drizzle, music played, the parade marched on, and families stashed yet another year of Festival memories in their minds.

The fast-paced, high stakes and hazardous world of gardening is rarely more so than on Vashon Island, and the Vashon Maury Island Garden Club Annual Flower Fair provides the general Island population with their best opportunity to see the hard-won "fruits" of Garden Club member's efforts.


Delicious food! Marinated grilled salmon grilled cooked garlic bread, green salad, beans, cole slaw, hot dogs, ice tea, lemonade, ice cream.  Music by Loose Change - Activities for Kids - Family & Friends 

The Vashon Maury Island Heritage Museum is planning an exhibit for October 2011 titled ‘Home of Record: Vashon and the Viet Nam War’. A key feature of this exhibit is a special recognition in memory of  the twelve Vashon-Maury veteranswhose names are on the Vashon Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  We would like to contact any family members of these men

“Outstanding teachers are the lifeblood of a great school, and we have an amazing group of educators joining our veteran faculty for the coming year.” – James Cardo, THS Head of School

Given the deep practical interest Island residents have in the Washington State ferry system (WSF) for obvious reasons, it would probably not come as any great shock to learn, somewhere in the sediments and mists of time-gone-by, that some Vashon-Maury Island residents actually participated, at least in some small way, in the creation of the Washington State ferry system.

I just spent 2008 – 2010 in Mali, West Africa with the Peace Corps. Coming home I still have a strong spirit to keep on helping. Inspired by my volunteer experience with Habitat in Madagascar and Costa Rica I am excited to lead this trip to build in Malawi. So please come join me, Maridee Bonadea and Habitat for Humanity in exploring Malawi upfront and personal.

The Vashon Healthcare Committee was created to serve all Islanders as a voice for healthcare issues in the community. We will strive to create a strong collaboration between all Island healthcare providers, enable better accessibility and funding of needed healthcare services for Islanders without insurance or in need of financial support

The Seattle Childens’ Hospital, Vashon Guild would like to thank the community, local businesses and vendors for their particpation and contributions over the last several years for our holiday fundraiser -- THE HOLLY DAZE BAZAAR,

In America it is easy to take the necessities of life for granted.  We have water, food, and clothing in abundance – or at least most of us do.  The average American today lives better than most kings have in history.  True, the economic crisis is certainly a game changer, but living within walking distance of a grocery store with ten different kinds of bottled water on the shelf (not including the flavored ones!) is a unique privilege. 

A jam-packed weekend of uniquely old-fashioned fun, food, arts and crafts, music events, parades, family activities, carnival rides, pancake breakfast, and much, much more…

Friday evening July 15 kicks off the 102nd Vashon Island Strawberry Festival and runs thru Sunday the 17th.

It is an honor to name Kay White as Strawberry Festival’s Grand Marshal for 2011.  Kay is a long time Islander.  She has been a generous supporter of the Garden Club, Senior Center, Vashon Island Chorale, Vashon Opera, and Vashon Chamber Music, among many others.   Her wide interests include the arts, gardening, and social services.  Her home has been on the Vashon Allied Arts Garden Tour twice in recent years. 

When the Washington State Fairies heard that the Vashon public schools were in trouble, they couldn’t flit idly by. Kalakala and Klahowya-Tahlequah knew that their community was counting on them.

This year, the Low Tide Festival will be held from 10AM to 3 PM, at Point Robinson Light Station and Park. The tide this year is at its lowest at approximately 12:15 PM, and will e at 2.6 feet below datum.

Do you want to learn the fascinating game of bridge, or refresh your playing skills?

The Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center has outgrown our existing space at Vashon Village.

In our culture today, it can be a sticky thing to talk about "God." God, it seems, has been very busy offending people. So much so, that he has found himself replaced. God is now only working part time, getting political gigs mostly. Around Christmas time, Santa Claus rents out space on metro busses to remind our children that God isn’t real.

The Vashon Loop along with our partner website are now offering a new online classifieds section. The classified ads run online for a period of 14 days and can include photos and description. The new classified ad section can be found on the Loops website www.vashonloop,com

As I write this, it is the morning after our church’s first Sunday in borrowed space – the cafeteria at McMurray middle school.  For several years now we have wanted to remodel and improve our building.  Raising the necessary finances to do so has been a challenge. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 will be the annual Vashon Maury Island Audubon Society meeting, featuring a program presentation by Nate Chappell. Nate Chappell is a lucky man who appears to be living a dream life that many would envy. He organizes and leads small (2-10 individuals) group tours to exciting birding hot spots all over the world