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There is a universal truth in the first world working community.   If you have had a fitful night’s sleep, fifteen minutes before the alarm is scheduled to go off you will find the most comfortable position you have ever discovered in your life and fall into a deep sleep.  

We’re especially blessed here in Puget Sound country with fresh wild salmon almost the year around. Right now coho and kings show up in the seafood markets. Kings are reddest, most flavorful of fish, and the coho and sockeye vie for second place. They sell for a bit less, too. I bought a 2-pound side of coho at an affordable $6 a pound. It gave us six servings with a bit leftover for a salmon salad for two the next day.  

A new teacher in an urban setting, he stands in the hall with the principal.  A group of kids dash by.  He makes a derogatory remark based on a stereotype.  The principal says, “If you’re going to work here, you’re going to have to have soft eyes….You’re going to have to see the whole picture.” 

“Mom”, my son said. “I think we’re in the same room we were for Caity”.  Sure enough. I opened the door and there sat my son in the same room he sat in when he was nine and holding his sister for the first time.