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July 11 -- Bosnian Blues return!

July 25 -- Juliana & Pava, Russian Women Singers

August 8 -- Jovino Santos Neto & Ben Gown

Brazilian Accordions

August 15 -- Nadia Tarnovski & Alchymeia

Ukrainian with a Celtic Touch

August 29 -- Dromeno Greek Music & Dance

June 23 -- Rouge French Cafe Music

July 7 -- Sedentary Sousa Band

July 21 -- LeRoy Bell and His Only Friends

August 11 -- Eduardo Mendonca Quartet &

Copacabana Samba!

August 25 -- Shark Biscuit Surf Band

Chautauqua music teacher Andy James and his Chautauqua student production team have produced a new CD based on West African folk tale, Nana Miriam; the story of a magical girl who saves her people.

The Monster of Florence was a heinous serial killer who mutilated his female victims and terrified Tuscany from 1968 to 1985; it is now the most famous cold case in Italy. Here in the Puget Sound, we knew this fear from the 70’s to the 90’s as two serial killers left their mark upon our lives, but we never expected a twist of fate to link us to a foreign murderer.

As I write this, it is the morning after our church’s first Sunday in borrowed space – the cafeteria at McMurray middle school.  For several years now we have wanted to remodel and improve our building.  Raising the necessary finances to do so has been a challenge. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 will be the annual Vashon Maury Island Audubon Society meeting, featuring a program presentation by Nate Chappell. Nate Chappell is a lucky man who appears to be living a dream life that many would envy. He organizes and leads small (2-10 individuals) group tours to exciting birding hot spots all over the world

The Vashon Island Junior Crew team recently competed at the Northwest Junior Regional Championship regatta in Vancouver, Washington where the team entered 16 races, qualified for the final in 15 of them, medaled in 12, and qualified 4 boats for the U.S. Junior National Championships 

The joy of cooking this spring has been enhanced by my Chinese daughter-in-law’s eagerness to learn to cook American foods and her willingness to share her Yunnanese style recipes. A field trip to a Chinese market makes her day.

The Vashon Park District will break ground on Saturday, June 11that 10:00 a.m. at a gold shovel ceremony to begin the construction of the Vashon Fields. The project is a 4.59 acre renovation of the fields adjacent to the Harbor School to be used for soccer, baseball, softball, football, and lacrosse. 

Bring a simple Mexican- or any-style dish or dessert to share while enjoying a professional dramatic reading of "Atticus," a play adapted by St. John Vianney Pastor Fr. Marc Powell from the novel by New York Times best-selling author Ron Hansen.

Our kids all attend Vashon schools, Chautauqua Elementary. Two are going into first grade next year. Our older two will be in third and fifth grades.

The bicycle is the simplest, most efficient, and elegant machine ever invented to move people over land at the local level.  Biking is the predominant mode to transport people in the world. 

Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and Nana the Dog, along with over 100 additional dancers, take the stage in Vashon Dance Academy’s 15th annual performance, Peter Pan, Friday, June 24 – Sunday, June 26, at the Vashon High School Theater. Show times are Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 PM

Over the weekend, the Water Taxi crew discovered a small crack in the hull plating of the Rachel Marie. The King County Marine Division has made arrangements to use another vessel, the Victoria Express, while the Rachel Marie is being repaired.

Caity’s adventure in singing finished with the two of us deciding it didn’t make sense on many levels for me to fly down to Texas for two days for graduation. She was going to be exceptionally busy with performances, honors convocation had happened two weeks earlier when even she couldn’t go because of a scheduling conflict

My birthday was last week, and a couple of people wished me “the happiest birthday ever.” Oddly enough, that is exactly what it was. I had some biopsies done six days before my birthday and I was waiting for the results. Many of my friends and family members have had cancer, and I thought it might be my turn.

I remember how the meaning of words began to change. Valerie- fromV for Vendetta

            Perhaps I was more acutely aware of a vocabulary of time and place because I had just spent the weekend immersed in words. A random occurrence of synchronous events tends to be one of my secret amusements.

Join Vashon Drum Circle to drum and sing with Buffalo Heart, our big community drum, on Friday, June 10, 7 PM outdoors at Village Green. All ages are welcome. Buffalo Heart just returned from a 3000 mile journey to Flagstaff to witness and hold space for the birthing of a new sister drum to serve that community.

Now is the time of year that mother wild animals are having their young and raising them. Often wild mothers leave their young alone for stretches of time. So don’t panic if you see a baby fawn or seal pup alone.

To prepare for something, anything, one is wise to research, gain knowledge, practice and anticipate any and all possibilities. To throw oneself into a situation can be quite exhilarating and stimulating to the spontaneous nature of our being.

Join the Vashon-Maury Heritage Association when it takes to the water for "The Gatsby Cruise," an around-Vashon Island trip aboard the historic steamboat Virginia V on Sunday, August 21.

Last March the Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce partnered with Comcast to put together a promotional piece for Vashon Island on their Neighborhoods series.

A new gallery of endless possibilities….has opened its doors at Parker Plaza

17232 Vashon HWY S.W. Between Ober Park and Town. Heidi Stair recently moved into the cozy store front space now gallery. Through the summer, the gallery will be showing Woodworkers of Vashon.

Erik is well known on Vashon for his K-2 snowboard designs and engaging murals at Thriftway and Sporties. For the month of June Erik will unveil a diverse brand new collection of paintings specifically created for Vashon.