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Massy Ferguson is excited to come play the Red Bicycle Bistro for the second time in the last year. The first time the roots rockers were scheduled to play the venue last October

Island drummer Todd Zimberg will reunite with two of his closest musician friends, guitarist Michael Gotz and bass player Keith Lowe, for another epic performance at the Red Bicycle Bistro.

The End is Near
It’s the end of a fabulous season for Church of Great Rain. What to do? Celebrate, of course with the Season Finale on Sunday May 29th at the Open Space for Arts and Community.

Vashon Allied Arts opens its doors for the annual Archives Art Sale this weekend. Discover a bounty of treasures Friday through Sunday, May 27, 28 and 29, thanks to Island artists who have cleared their storage places and studios.

Celebrating their sixteenth year, Hot Club style group Pearl Django continues to be one of America’s most respected and in demand groups. Pearl Django returns to Vashon, Saturday, June 4, for an 8 p.m.

Merna visits two primary classes and two upper elementary classes and sets up for Tom’s visits and generates poetry writing toward younger children presenting at the Thursday evening open mic on May 26.

Have you dreamt about a career in politics? Here is your chance to become the Unofficial Mayor of Vashon Island AND support your favorite non-profit organization at the same time!

Vashon Allied Arts is sponsoring its fourth annual Father/Daughter Dance, to be held at the Vashon Island Golf and Country Club on Saturday, June 4th. Last year’s event was a huge success, and most of the dad’s were left breathless by the end of the evening.

During the first week in June, the Vashon Island Rotary Club will hold two events related to child health and immunizations: a PolioPlus fundraiser and an Immunization Symposium. In 1988, Rotary International (RI) began a program called PolioPlus whose ambitious goal was to eradicate polio from the face of the planet.  

These are not the best of times—there’s enough bad news to make us all, either pull our hair out or just pull the covers over our heads, roll over and groan.  The pictures coming out of Japan after the recent earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear crisis are terrifying and remind us of how vulnerable we all are to the forces of nature. 

Read Three, Get One Free Summer Edition & Read•Flip•Win.
Read three books, write three thoughtful reviews and get a prize!
This summer will also feature a video book review contest, Read•Flip•Win!
Ask at the library for details.

I recently received a response from a reader wanting to know what I mean by resilience.  So, I decided that I would give you the whole nine yards.  Don’t stop reading!  There is actually some interesting stuff to know about this concept. 

Did you know that Burton and Vashon were once fierce rivals?  The two high schools that is, that battled each other in sports and Islanders were quite divided by their teams. Did you also know that the Pirates (once there was onlyone school) won a football game 81 to 0? And yes, they also lost another 91 to 0.

Following the earthquake in Japan, many Carpe Diem families expressed an interest in doing something that would help students make sense of the tragedy while somehow doing something to help the children of Japan. Carpe Diem’s response is another amazing project that has shown how talented and compassionate our kids and their teachers are when they come together for a worthy

The logo must have “Vashon Island Fruit Club” spelled out. It must be received by July 1.

9. Time is of the essence.  One of our most valuable resources is time.  We can find time hidden everywhere if we look for it.  We can also let it become lost in the daily shuffle.  Once you have decided to make time for your workouts, you need not waste it.  Spending more than an hour working out isn’t necessary. 

By 6:35 AM the sun has risen through my office situated in the front of the house and begun to rotate through to the long, high up window in my bedroom that allows it to shine on my face . It’s a work day, but I am not due at work for two and a half more hours .

As I am writing this, it is May 20, 2011. According to some people who have been getting a lot of press lately, the end of the world is supposed to occur tomorrow, May 21. If that is the case, it won't matter that I didn't get my column in before deadline today. 

Fourteen people gathered for a meal at our extended table on the eve of the recent memorial service for my late husband. How could I cope with the throng, half of them vegetarians, with a minimum of hassle and a maximum of mouth-watering elegancy, bearing in mind that without his USAF-retired pay, household income will be slashed?

It is bicycle racing season, although the only thing most people are hearing about the sport these days are the echoing doping accusations being flung by disgruntled and often disgraced former teammates at cycling legend Lance Armstrong like so much over-cooked pasta, in the hopes that some of it will finally stick.

Curt Knox, Amanda’s father, was back in Perugia for the beginning of her Slander trial and for a hearing on her continuing Appeal.   She and her friend, Raffaele Sollecito, were convicted for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher in 2009 and they have repeatedly asserted their innocence.

DDES is taking public comment on the proposals through Friday, June 10. 

June 1st. Washington State Ferry Public Meeting, 6:30-8:30 pm at McMurray. David Moseley will speak about the Legislative Session and possibly about the current construction of the 64 car ferries.

Due to the resignation of board member John Stazeck. The Vashon Maury Island Community Council board is accepting applications for the vacant board seat. There is about a year and a half left on the vacated position. Applicants will be voted on by the board for approval at the next general meeting. Please send a letter of interest to to be considered.