Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Free Range Folk Choir

Save the date! Saturday, March 7th, 7pm at the VHS Theater.  Come enjoy the music that brings us together in community and gives us...

Day of Remembrance Film Screening

Tuesday, March 3rd - Day of Remembrance Film Screening Day of Remembrance Film Screening “A Bitter Legacy” with Filmmaker ClaudiaKatayanagi & Tetsuden Kashima Ph.D. Tuesday, March 3,...

Chandler O’Leary & Jessica Spring – Dead Feminists: Speaking Volumes

It started as a collaboration between two Tacoma artists who created a series of colorful broadsides featuring quotes by historical feminists tied to current...

Roger Fisher of Heart

The music of HEART has captivated radio and live audiences for decades. Original member Roger Fisher co-wrote many of the band’s early hits including,...

An Evening with Nikkita Oliver

Culture survives and thrives on the breath of our storytellers and cultural workers. Our stories tells us who we’ve been, who we are and...