Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Catch Us While You Can! 25+ Years Making Art on Vashon

One of the first questions Islanders ask each other is “how long have you lived on the Island”? For an artist or performer, there...

Bill Brown & The Kingbees

Bill Brown just got back from Mexico where he performed with several groups. The rest of the Kingbees have many other projects and continue...

La Boheme

Please join us for our 10th Season with a return to our beginnings and a salute to contemporary American Opera. In September, Vashon Opera presents...

Photographs by Julian Dahl & paintings by Jon Haaland

After our wars are fought and grass has grown over our cities, this is what is left behind: earth and wood, fire and water,...

Cherrywood Station

Cherrywood Station is a husband-and-wife folk duo whose soulful harmonies revive great tunes from America’s past with a touch of original magic. Gus and...