Boost Your Immunity

Island Epicure


Our immune systems have been severely stressed during these many weeks of the novel coronavirus. Fortunately our island has a wide moat and the ferry has room for social distancing. Most of us have been hunkered down in our own homes waiting for the pandemic to go away,  or at least for Gilead or some other pharmaceutical company to create a vaccine against the virus. Meanwhile, here are some tips for boosting your immune system:

Load up on Vitamin C, especially from natural sources. I start each day with a two miniature oranges. My usual breakfast main dish is a couple of gobs of yogurt topped with a few tablespoons of homemade granola and a few sliced strawberries..This breakfast gives me at least 200 percent of the USDA’s recommended amount of Vitamin C .

Other great sources of Vitamin C are  pink guava, papaya, mango, starfruit  and pineapple. A serving (about ½ cup)  yields 50 to more than 100 percent of the recommended  daily amount of Vitamin C plus many other vitamins, minerals, and antivirals.

Vitamin C from natural sources seems to be more effective than vitamin capsules or chewable pills.

Another advantage of getting Vitamin C from strawberries, raspberries, pomegranates or blueberries is that these red and blue fruits are also anti-cancer..

Two natural remedies that should help your immune system  to ward off coronavirus, flu, colds, and viral pneumonia are whole cloves and astragalus root. Swanson (800-437-4148) is a good source. You can find astragalus online at

Vitamin A needs to be prominent in your diet, too. Spinach yields 2014 IU per cupful. It helps you see well in low light. And spinach makes a great base for a fruit salad.  Red, yellow and orange fruits contain Vitamin A aplenty. Here is a fruit salad for a warm day. It will boost your immune system.

Fruit Salad
With Feta

2 servings

Spinach leaves,enough to line a plate

1 cup frozen mango squares, thawed at room temperature
½ cup pineapple pieces
2 ounces or more feta cheese, crumbled

Line a dinner plate or platter with spinach leaves. Arrange the mango and pineapple pieces atop the spinach. Scatter crumbled feta over the top. Pass the yogurt salad dressing or ranch dressing, or make your own dressing  of fresh  squeezed lemon juice, olive oil or canola oil, and a tablespoonful  of honey. (Oil-coat the tablespoon before putting the honey in it and the honey will slide right out, all of it.