Coping with Coronavirus

Island Epicure


The best advice I, who have been called  White Witch of Vashon Island can give you is this antiviral protocol. It appeared in the March issue of Behold! Which is the monthly newsletter of the Smyrna United Church of Christ of Canby, Oregon. The editor is my daughter, Jeannie Rogers. She doesn’t attribute this preventive to anyone so I suppose she may have compiled it herself.  We in the Seattle area are at the epicenter of the American coronavirus hurricane,  so Jeannie’s advice is especially needed by us! Here it is:

Coronavirus  – there are more useful things to do than worry.  Follow these five steps:
1. Wet your hands
2. Lather them with soap
3. Scrub them for at leasr 20 seconds.  Time the interval by singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice, start to finish.  I know 20 seconds seems like a long time but research exists to say that shorter times aren’t as good at removing germs and longer times can actually damage the skin and be counterproductive.
4, Rinse
5. Dry

If you can’t wash your hands, a sanitizer with at least 60 % alcohol will work, but it  is not as good. If using sanitizer, rub your hands together, hitting all the spaces between fingers, etc. until dry.

Don’t touch your face, specially with unwashed hands.

Don’t shake hands with sick people. If you  are sick, stay away from other people.
Clean the objects and surfaces you touch a lot. (Vinegar kills germs)
What’s not recommended for everyone: Face masks. If you are sick, they help you keep from spreading the disease, but if you are well they don’t do much to keep you from getting sick.

The flu is as much of a hazard as is coronavirus, if not more.  Already more than 10,000 people have died in the United States out of a population of more than 300,000,000.
Frequently washing your hands, and any surfaces your hands touch, not shaking hands with people who have flu or colds symptoms should help you keep from getting the flu also.
Antiviral supplements like astragalus and plain old whole cloves have kept me and my son free of colds and flu.  Our “Magic Potion” has warded off colds and flu every winter. It’s simply a large  stick of cinnamon, a rounded tablespoon of whole cloves, and a pint of water simmered covered until the water is quite brown.  The cinnamon kills ordinary bacteria; the cloves are anti-viral.  A few swigs of this potion each day–alone or added to tea or coffee–should keep you free of colds and flu and, hopefully,  the coronavirus.

Wipe your kitchen counters with vinegar, a natural disinfectant. Keep your body well hydrated with water, fruit juices, and our “magic potion”. Get 7 or 8 hours of sleep in every 24. When the sun shines, try to get out in it. There’s not much Vitamin D in winter sunshine, but the fresh air and sun raise your spirits, and you can take a couple of capsules of Vitamin D each day. It acts towards preventing cancer, too.   Blessings and good health, all of you, my readers.