Household Hints, Part 1

Island Epicure


A little green book titled: Watkins Household Hints caught my eye. It;s copyright: 1941. I thought, Wow! almost 80  years old. (No, I didn’t write it.)Are any of these hints still useful?  Oh, yes. People still get stains on their clothes from fruit, coffee, tea, and wine, for instance. Here’s how you got rid of such stains in 1941, and the method still works:
Stain prevention: Stretch the stained part of the cloth over a metal bowl. Pour a tea kettle of boiling water through the stain. The stain will usually disappear. Of course, the sooner you do this after getting the stain, the better it works.

To banish milk, cream or egg stains, soak the cloth in tepid (slightly warm) water. Rinse in fresh tepid water.. Then you can put that tablecloth, napkin, placemat or garment into your washing machine with a regular load of light colored clothes. If your cloth is cotton, linen, or any other  fabric except wool, it can. go through the dryer, too.

A word about loading washing machines.:Do not overload them. They do their best work for you if you place the items to be washed evenly around the dasher..  I prefer to wash dark clothes with other dark clothes and light clothes separately.

Woolens can be washed in a machine  in cold water. Do not put them in the dryer. I think they fare better if you take them out of the washing machine and spread them on towels, then roll up the towels to get most of the moisture out. Then spread them on dry towels on a flat surface. Even garments whose labels say Dry Clean Only can be washed in this way.

As for washing socks, the washing machine cannot swallow then when we are safety-pinned together in pairs. .  .