Talkin’ Turkey


This year we expect  about ten people for Thanksgiving dinner. Daughter  Jeannie has volunteered to bring dessert. Grandson Atom will bring turkey dressing, vegetable, and “probably” potatoes. I intend to produce fresh cranberry relish and perhaps supply a can of conventional cranberry sauce.  Son John M usually brings an assortment of things for us to nibble on while we wait for the turkey to be done.

We figure a pound of turkey per person. That includes bones. The relatives coming up from Oregon–three– people will stay overnight. We’ll probably munch on leftovers for supper. Perhaps I’ll make some muffins on Wednesday to be for Friday breakfast, gingerbread muffins or spice muffins.

I hope you got your turkey, which will most likely be frozen, at least a day and a half before you need to put it into the oven in order for it to be thawed out.  You can pull out that sack of neck, heart, etc. that will be inside the bird. Put them into a freezer bag and into your freezer for a later turkey stew, casserole, or soup.

Since Atom is bringing the dressing, Steve will only need to peel an onion or two and de-stem and wash an apple to put inside the turkey carcass before popping it into a 325 degree oven. Before you start heating the oven, pull out the center rack and stash it in some convenient place. We’ll probably put ours behind the clothes bin in the laundry room. Our tiny kitchen has no good place for it.

Time table for cooking a turkey at 325 degrees:
8 to12 pounds-4 hours
12 to 16 pounds-4 ½ to 5 hours
16 to 20 lbs -6 to 8 hours
20 to 24 pounds -8 to 9 hours

You’ll need to get up very early in the morning to start roasting one of the 16 to 24 pound Turkeys.
The fresh cranberry relish is always so popular that I make a double recipe of it,

Makes about 1 pint
1 lb. fresh cranberries, sorted and washed
2 oranges and zest from their peels
¼ teaspoon ground cloves
Dash salt
½ cup honey or to taste

Oil the cup you intend to use for measuring honey and it will slide right out. Thinly peel the oranges to get just the zest, then peel off and discard the white part. Dice the rest. Chop the cranberries in a food processor. Combine all the ingredients. Taste test. Yumm!

Happy Thanksgiving Day and Bon Appetit!  Marj