Get in the Act!

Road to Resilience


Over the years, I’ve commented on current trends and speculated about what we can be doing to meet those trends to best advantage.  Right now, there is mainly one thing happening and we have no control over it.  As a friend and I recently agreed, we all know that we don’t know what comes next.

We also know that we will eventually get past this pandemic.  One other thing is not so certain, but that uncertainty alone requires that we act now.  And this is something we actually can act on at home.   We have a national election scheduled for this November.  We can’t, at present, say whether it will be safe for people to go to a polling place by then, and, if not, what then?

I don’t need to tell you how dangerous it is having an aggressively incompetent narcissist running the country at a time when our planet, our society and democracy itself are on the line.  We need people to vote this November.  We need to make that a viable option and to motivate as many as possible to use it. This means that we need to see that every state offers mail-in voting as an option.  We need to lead voters through the process they will need to engage in to get a ballot in their state.  We also need to lead people in some states through the process of even getting the right to vote.

For the powerful contingent in our country attempting to suppress voting, this pandemic is a godsend.  There are important things that we all can do right now to ensure that we don’t experience a living nightmare less than 6 months from now.

Indivisible Vashon has multiple writing options you can employ from home!  Because we can’t meet in-person these days, we are training people in how to write cards or letters using six different writing programs.  Each is a little bit different from the other, and one might appeal to you more than another:

•Vote Forward – Debby Jackson does the training for this one.  VF writers send letters to voters who rarely vote, with the goal of getting them to the polls in November.  Research has shown that this is very effective for getting voters who rarely vote to do so.  VF writers send letters which you print out from the VF website, where VF also supplies addresses.  On each letter, you write a couple sentences about why voting is important to you, then put the letter in a stamped envelope and mail them shortly before Election Day in November.  Writers need a printer to print out letters, plus envelopes and stamps.  Before you attend your training session, you should get an account with Vote Forward at  Contact Debby at

•Postcards to Voters – Debby Jackson is coordinating PTV and training is being done by Kevin Jones, who will show you how to sign up so you can request addresses and write to voters.  PTV typically asks people to sign up with vote by mail in Florida but features other special campaigns as they come up.  Writers need to buy their own postcards and stamps.  Info about PTV can be found at

•Reclaim Our Vote – Jessica Lisovsky coordinates this.  ROV writes postcards to disenfranchised voters in states with over 20% people of color to encourage them to register.   Writers get postcards and a list of addresses through ROV (they have a great design with ROV logo on the front) and buy their own stamps.  Jessica is coordinating getting the cards and addresses through Indivisible Seattle’s ROV group, so you don’t need to worry about getting too much, other than stamps.  You can find out more info and sign-up for ROV at  Contact Jessica at

•Grassroots Dems – Kevin Jones is the go-to person on this.  GD is currently writing postcards to flip the US Senate seat in Arizona for the Vote for Mark Kelly campaign.  Find out more at  Contact Kevin at

•Together for 2020 – Kevin Jones is coordinating this effort and will buy sets of 50 pre-addressed postcards to voters for the first 12 orders from Vashon residents.  Focus is Vote by Mail in Pennsylvania – a key state to win the White House.  Kevin orders the postcards, a script and instructions and delivers them to you.  Mailing addresses are PRE-printed on the cards!  You write the personal note, add a stamp and mail.  Get more info at

•Carrie Hesch (D) for WA 26th LD Rep – Kevin Jones is coordinating this effort.  Free postcards and postage!  You address the cards, write a brief note about why Carrie is the best candidate for State Rep for our friends in Port Orchard and Gig Harbor, and Fred Olin adds stamps and mails the cards. Easiest postcard writing campaign we’ve found to date!
If you have time on your hands, why not help save our democracy?  I admit that I have been dragging my heels on this, so I am giving a big thank you to all of you that have made this so easy and available to the rest of us!  You can access easily pastable web addresses by accessing this article at>columns>road to resilience.