We’re All Dealing in Our Own Ways

Spiritual Smart Aleck


Some of us do not know anyone who has become ill, or died, in the coronavirus pandemic, yet. All the same I will begin by expressing my condolences to you who have lost people in this pandemic, or have loved ones who are currently ill, or loved ones who are fighting the virus as medical and other soldiers.

And gratitude to those of you on the frontlines, whether at hospitals or at the supermarket. You rock, you who keep us going.

A moment of silence, please, for all the havoc and sadness of this time out of time.

By now some of us may be feeling extreme financial distress, or extreme annoyance with our housemates. I hope and pray for you not to be in the toils of either of those.

I hear that there are people turning on each other, and their children.

Originally when I wrote this essay, I pled with people who were teetering on the edge of violence to get help. Then I looked up resources for people struggling with their violent tendencies. I was stunned to find zip. Nada. Nothing.

However, there are tons of agencies set up to help victims of domestic violence.

Also, there are so many therapists in West Seattle that I suspect the population there is entirely therapists. Also, most of them are women who use headshots that look like they are doubling as their dating site photos. I could be wrong.

So if you are a person dealing with anger at this point in your isolation/quarantine, I hope you can find some way to deal with that in a peaceful manner and not take it out on your family. Please.

Some of us are thriving and feeling extremely privileged now, even without money. Many of us feel like life is more humane since “normal” ground to a halt, and that however we come out of this time of isolation and quarantine, we hope that we will retain some of the good stuff – having more time to be ourselves, and time to be with our families and do things that feed us. It is grand to be getting enough sleep.

My grandson tells me he is doing much better in school now that he is doing it online. He is loving getting enough sleep. How many times have we heard that teenagers would do better with later schedules and more sleep? But no. God forbid we set schools up for the benefit of the students when we need to train them to be worker bees.

But do not get me started.

One of the things some of us like about isolation/quarantine is how much money we are not spending. My bank sent me a note telling me I did not spend as much last month as the month before. Duh.

Of course, there will be some bills coming due for the online spending. Ahem.

Some people have spoken about how they have cleaned and organized their houses in this enforced time at home. I envy those people. I would like to clean and organize my home, but in order to do that I would have to get off dead center.

I have been meaning to de-clutter and organize my home for years. I have cleaned up some spaces temporarily, and they are a pleasure while they last, but soon there are piles of stuff again. I make those piles. It’s a gift.

The worst accumulations are paper.

So much paper. Now I have time to sort and toss. How much sorting and tossing have I done? A little. I have found recent stuff, and stuff from decades ago.

I have found old letters that I thought I could chuck, but my mother made notes on the envelopes: “This lady was the nurse at the home during the ten years we lived there. She was a jewel.”

The “home” was the orphanage in Texas where my mother and three of her siblings grew up. Nice to know there was a jewel at that orphanage. I know there were a lot of non-jewels.
So that one goes into the family history file, damn it.

Thanks, mom.

My roommate is using this time to make a garden. It started with two small raised beds and a greenhouse. Now there are two more small raised beds, two large raised beds, and a semi-dwarf cherry tree.

We are going to be mobbed with vegetables in a few months, providing we are successful in keeping off the deer and other vegetable predators. We are discussing fencing to discourage the deer.

Deer discouraging, not deer proof. I know that deer can fly, as can slugs.

Even knowing that deer and slugs can fly, I’ll ask you now: want a zucchini? Or two?