A Rusty Needle

I was too rough taking my watchband off at the hospital and broke the little strap.  It was only after I had got the new band that I realized that I had been wearing “genuine leather” watch bands for ten years.  The Vashon girls at the drugstore really help a person out even to the most gracious escort I had to the front door at what was precisely closing time on Sunday.  Anyhow, I asked if they could replace the old band with the new and the answer was that I would have to leave the two bands with them overnight and that I could pick up the watch in the morning.  I didn’t argue with them since it was closing time and told them that I would replace the band at home.

Well, I got home and let the problem present itself.  I hate the small pins that hold the horns of the watch to the leather strap.  I tried pushing the retractable top of the pin that holds the leather between the horns of the watch, using my little $16 cigar trimmer and the pins and watch horns and the leather strap all in the other hand, when it all came apart and the pin shot into the keyboard of my computer.

At first I thought of sewing the buckle to the strap, but the space was too tight and no room for my rusty needle.

I gave up and went to find my magnifying head band with a battery driven lamp.  The trick worked.  Both pins went into their respective holes without an argument.  I was rusty.

My eyesight from the desk is about even with the deck railing, where I feed the crow’s high quality dog food from a tin plate that is nailed to the rail.  They come in on “the attack.” and fight each other for a place at the feeder.  I did a shameful thing by offering the crows both half’s of my old leather watch band covered with their food.  I had a raven for a pet a long time ago and learned a lot about their habits.

My cat, Victoria, always gives me a warning-nibble right after I have been scratching her between the ear and the jaw, where the scent gland is.  She offers me gifts of “our small friends of the night.”  Some days she deposits her prey at the top of the stairs, but today these offerings were left at the bottom of the thirty-two steps to the parking lot.  Both bodies were left along with the two leather watch bands for the crows to ponder and feast.  “Caw”