“Dancing with Dogs”

Showing at Valise Gallery


“Dancing With Dogs,” a show of art by Sharon Shaver and George Wright that celebrates the joy of human-dog relationships, opens Friday August 3rd at Valise and continues through the month.

We walk our dogs, throw sticks into the water for them to chase, snuggle on the sofa with them while we watch movies, and some of us reach out our hands for their paws when we hear a song we like and say, “Let’s dance!”

Sharon Shaver said that many times to her Airedale Captain who whined at the sound of Janis Joplin’s voice and Jimmy Hendrix’s guitar and would only dance to Strauss waltzes when enticed with smoked salmon.
Sharon’s colorful acrylic paintings show dogs of all sizes dancing with their human partners. And there are a few cats too, some innocent bystanders, some brave enough to put a paw out on the dance floor.

George Wright’s dogs Nora, a 9-year-old Havanese, and Nick, a 18-year-old Maltese, have sophisticated musical taste and only listen to jazz and classical music which is what they’ll be dancing to when they start their dance lessons.
George has created a large encaustic painting of dance steps that dogs like; the Rumba, Waltz and Fox Trot, and whimsical art chairs; a female dog wearing a ruffled shirt, a male dog wearing a pork pie hat, a small mouse chair, and a cat. Also in the show will be her new encaustic abstracts and small mixed media works.
VALISE 17633 Vashon Highway SW