Studio V..


Studio V.. Is a curious and fanciful jewel hidden right in the heart of downtown Vashon, filled to the brim with unique surprises.

What is it ? A design and sewing studio, working together for over 10 years.
Who is it ? Sally Baker Shivers, of Wild Life Clothing Company , is a 3rd generation professional seamstress. She can sew anything, beautifully. Her jackets and vests run from architectural to elegant whimsy.

Dorothy Dunnicliff of Dova Silks, begins with hand dying silks the most gorgeous colors imaginable, then designs and sews stunning pieces, always tailored to fit.

ReGenr8 is committed to using found materials and giving them a new life through fashion.
Roxy Hathaway of ReGgenr8 with her artistic eye and attention to design and detail finds beautiful textiles, enhances denim jackets, re-fashions kimonos, builds one of a kind hand bags. Each one unique and a pleasure to the owner.

Nancy Scott Wienker of ReGenr8 continues to build artisanal handbags, marrying posh and rustic, fingerless gloves using the silk leavings of Dorothy’s wild color imaginings, and beautiful ponchos from wools and velvets.

Where is it? Just down the hallway between Gather and Herban Blooms, out the back doors onto the deck… the very last door.