Unscripted – VALISE Artists Fill the Gallery in June


VALISE Gallery presents Unscripted, an exhibit of VALISE artists working independently to fill the gallery with their latest wild creations, including rhinos, aliens, and a Kaaaat!.

Bill Jarcho explores a series of animated-esque animal sculptures like Kaaaat! As well as a 3-D box called Alien Love. “I’m excited about making sculptures again, getting back to my clay animation roots, after spending the last three or four months doing mostly two-dimensional painting and digital art.”

Over the past few years, Jarcho has been creating mostly abstract images. For this month’s show, he had a desire to pick up some clay and sculpt characters. “My background is in directing stop motion animation and designing and building characters for films. This is really my first love, creatively. I work a lot with Sculpey clay because it’s easy to sculpt and then bake in an oven. It can be drilled and carved after its done and it takes acrylic paint very well.”

“I usually start a project, like KAAAT!, with a doodle. I’ll sit and doodle a bunch of things on some scrap paper and generally the first or second one, before the thinking process takes over, is the best. Then I’ll get some tin foil and make a basic shape and build up Sculpey on top of that. Once the main form is there, I’ll refine it until I get the finished sculpture. Then I bake it in a toaster oven, take it out when it’s cooled, and paint it. Viola! Le Kaaaat!”

Also at VALISE this month is Corinne Lightweaver’s Rhinos and Lavender. This large acrylic painting (36 x 48 inches), was inspired by a lifelong love affair with the Indian Rhinoceros.
Lightweaver volunteered at the Los Angeles Zoo in high school. Working with zookeepers, she had the opportunity to get close to the rhinos and touch their rough skin and soft folds. She saw their intelligence and sensitivity, and also learned about their imminent extinction. When her family moved to Germany for a year in eleventh grade, she visited the Basel Zoo in Switzerland which, at the time, had the best record for breeding rhinos in captivity. Years later at her first solo art exhibit, Lightweaver showed paintings of rhinos and the LA Zoo Curator of Mammals Mike Dee spoke about these amazing animals and their plight.

“By portraying rhinos and other wildlife in my art,” said Lightweaver, “I hope to serve as an ambassador to invite others to see the beauty of these animals.”

Visual artists participating in the June show at VALISE include:
Gregory Burnham
Dot Cherch
Bill Jarcho
Jesse Johnson
Pascale Judet
Corinne Lightweaver
Rachel Lordkenaga
Robert Passig
Jiji Saunders
Sharon Shaver
Hita von Mende
George Wright
Lenard Yen

VALISE gallery will be open Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 5 pm. All safety protocols including limited capacity and masks are required. The opening celebration is First Friday, June 4 from 6 to 8 pm, and the show may be previewed on Friday afternoon. The show runs through June 26. VALISE Artist Collective and Gallery is located in downtown Vashon at 17633 Vashon Highway SW, Vashon Island, Washington.