Visions of Vashon and Beyond

Photography by Richard Rogers


‘Visions of Vashon and Beyond’ during March at Café Luna, is Richard Rogers’ first one person show on Vashon Island. His photos vividly illustrate just how much he loves to observe and share moments of natural beauty. Since moving from Miami to Vashon Island ‘temporarily’ in 1989, whales, deer, birds, flowers, gorgeous sunsets, majestic mountains, interesting trees, intriguing clouds, and light dancing on Puget Sound have caught his eye.

His attraction to beautiful images has served Richard well as a graphic designer. He has art directed advertising photo sessions for Beall’s Roses in Miami and Bogota, tulips and daffodils in the Skagit Valley, tomatoes in Virginia, and exotic tropical fruits and vegetables in South Florida and the Bahamas.  Cooking, styling and photographing 50 recipes with his spouse Susan on their dining table for a Washington fruit grower was a satisfying and tasty project.

About his work Richard says “I have always been drawn to imagery, from taking photos of pets, the lights of Times Square and the New York World’s Fair as a boy, to developing film and printing in an attic darkroom in Ogunquit, Maine in the late 60’s, to capturing subjects as diverse as Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, Abby Hoffman, the Black Panthers and leaping Orca Whales. Today my pocket camera and iPhone are instant sketchpads to record the extraordinary visual transcendence that occurs frequently here on Vashon Island, my home of nearly 30 years, and the beautiful world beyond.”