Catch Drive-In Movies This Summer at the Night Light Drive In


Open Space for Arts and Community and Vashon Theatre are teaming up to bring the drive-in movies to Vashon this summer. Beginning on July 1st, enjoy The Night Light Drive In, located on the great lawn at Open Space.

Showings will be on Wednesdays through Saturdays this summer until Labor Day. The first weekend will spotlight Jurassic Park on Wednesday and Friday and Field of Dreams on Thursday and Saturday.

July 1 & 3 Jurassic Park  9:30pm start
July 2 & 4 Field of Dreams  9:30pm Start
July 8 & 10 ET the Extraterrestrial
July 9 & 11 Gravity
July 15 &17 Arrival
July 16 &18 Back to the Future  & Animal House
July 22 & 24 Liar Liar & Big Lebowski
July 23 & 25 Mad Max Fury Road
July 29 & 31: Forest Gump
July 30 & Aug 1: They Live & Get Out
August: TBD

According to David Godsey, Open Space for Arts and Community co-founder, “We were driven by COVID-19 to find creative new ways to build community. Designing this experience with our partners at Vashon Theatre has allowed us to dream up a communal experience that follows health guidelines.”

Night Light Drive In
Concessions Online Ordering
Here’s the link:

Night Light Drive In is now serving your favorite Vashon Theatre snacks! Food Pre-Orders are accepted until 5:00pm for Same-Day Pick-up. All orders will be ready for Pick-up on-site 30 Min before feature start time. Simply select the menu items you want, add them to your cart and checkout. Your order will be sent to the concessions counter and will be ready by the time gates open on the date you specify. Please double check that your drive in tickets match your order pick up date!

Things you should know before buying your ticket:

We are asking all attendees to follow public health guidelines and to stay home if they are feeling ill.

All ticket purchases will be made online only. Tickets will be scanned through rolled up car windows.

All customers must remain in their vehicles at all times except to visit the restroom.

Customers are required to wear a cloth face covering when leaving their vehicle for any reason.

Car windows are to be rolled up at all times. If customers do want to roll down their car window, then they will need to wear a mask.

Cars will be spaced approx. 10 feet apart.

Bathroom occupancy is limited to one person unless an adult is assisting a child. 6 foot physical distancing reminders will be in place in case there is a line. Sanitizing wipes are provided for customers to wipe down high touch areas both before and after use.

No tailgating, open top convertibles, or sitting on the back of pickup trucks etc. is allowed at this time.

No Smoking allowed

This is an alcohol free event, no outside alcohol permitted


Bring a Portable FM Radio or boombox, etc. And why? The movie soundtrack will be broadcast on FM radio. It can save you some potential frustrations like dead car batteries or battery-saving automatic car shut-offs (i.e. Prius and other models) to pack a battery powered radio into Night Light.

TALL VEHICLES: High Cab Pickups, SUV’s, Vans, MiniVans, Buses, etc will be parked on the sides and in the back rows. So if you want to be up close and not on the sides, drive a smaller car to the movies if you have one or have access to one.

Use the bathroom at home: one of the only Covid risk areas for you at the Night Light is the porta potties. So we encourage you to get it out before you leave the house. And , yeah, we know that sometimes you just gotta go. There are porta potties and hand and surface sanitation options provided for those who absolutely need to venture forth.

Rain or shine: Movies will run in the rain, so please plan accordingly if the weather will affect your ability to enjoy the show.

Thank you for joining us for Night Light Drive In at Open Space’s premiere weekend!