Sneak Preview of Upcoming Film on the Citizen Uprising that Helped Stop the Vietnam War


First-time account of the youth-led resistance to a government in the wrong.
Producers of the upcoming documentary The Boys Who Said NO! Draft Resistance and the Vietnam War will screen the fine cut of the nearly-completed film at a preview and fundraising event from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Monday, September 16, at Havurat Ee Shalom, 15401 Westside Highway SW, Vashon Island. WA.

The film profiles young people who found their ideals of patriotism shattered by the war, and chose to openly and publicly refuse military service, despite the risk of arrest and prison, to rouse antiwar sentiment and stop the war. Eventually millions of Americans marched in the streets, and the war was brought to an end.

Directed by Judith Ehrlich, Oscar-nominated for The Most Dangerous Man in America about whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, the film documents the largest refusal of military service in American history and the power of nonviolent struggle. Despite the risk of arrest and prison, eventually 570,000 men defied draft laws and spurred antiwar sentiment in others – ultimately enough to pressure Presidents and Congress to end the War.

San Francisco-based producer Bill Prince will be on hand to answer questions and collect donations to finish the film.

Admission is free, but please donate to help finish the film. For more details and a preview, see  Additional screenings are planned in Seattle September 21 and 22.  See the website for details.