Sound of Metal One Night Only


Blackgammon was a band comprised of Louise “Lou” and Ruben, who traveled across the United States with their form of rock. A genre that, in time, began to degrade Ruben’s hearing. Which, with being a former heroin addict, matching Lou being a former cutter, not only had the potential to rock their refrain from self-harm but their relationship. After all, both of them have been clean and good to themselves, as well as each other, for four years.
Yet, their mutual sponsor advocates Ruben to get help to learn to adjust to what is likely his new way of life, as getting a $40,000+ surgery to hear something, which isn’t covered by insurance, isn’t on the table. However, losing any sense, limb, or anything that disrupts your sense of normal is hard. Which leads to the question of can Ruben make it, possibly on his own, or will old habits be required to numb the pain of his most recent loss?
The head hair stylist on this film, Gordon Tribble, will give us an intro and behind the scenes look at working on movies.  Tickets are now on sale.
Sound of Metal
6 Oscar Nominations!
One Night Special Showing with intro by Gordon Tribble!
The Vashon Theatre
Thursday, April 22nd at 7:00pm
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