Beer and Puppet Theater, Vashon Island’s first puppet slam!


Vashon Brewing and Jawbone Puppet Theater present: Beer and Puppet Theater, Vashon Island’s first puppet slam!

Don’t miss this fun-filled night of short form experimental puppetry, while enjoying a glass of delicious local handcrafted beer, on Saturday, December 1 at 7pm at the Vashon Brewing Community Pub (across from the library).

What is a puppet slam? Puppet slams tend to feature short-form adult puppetry and object theater. Our Vashon Puppet Slam is unique in that alongside performances by our seasoned veteran puppeteers, we are taking pains to collaborate with the next generation of up and coming young puppeteers, and feature shows created and performed by kids. In our first edition, we have included performances by 11, 9, and 3-year-old puppeteers.

People of all ages are welcome to enjoy the show, but be forewarned that this is not what you may have come to expect from “family friendly” entertainment. We avoid insipid cutesy pap—our shows are smarter and stranger than that.

Our first slam on Dec 1 will feature a Slovakian folktale, witches, esoteric clowns, death by freezing, death by fire, and death by wrath of god, not to mention a little Kafka thrown in for good measure. 9-year-old writer/director, Daniela, presents “The story of the Mushroom King.” And there will be a 5th grade report on the flight patterns of the American Crow, which quickly spirals into madness. Our resident 3-year-old will be sharing what he has learned about the solar system. We encourage you to enjoy a beer while you enjoy the show!
To learn more about puppet slams around the nation, and the history of the puppet slam, check out:

We have started this series of puppet slams on Vashon to give island artists and puppeteers a chance to fearlessly experiment, have fun, collaborate, and face the challenge of creating new work on a regular basis. The goal is to both create community and collaborative opportunity for local artists, and to treat local audiences to fun, new, experimental, and thought provoking performance art, created and presented in their community. We hope to draw people out of their caves, and create some warmth, light and laughter as we move into these long, dark winter months.

For the past several weeks, Jawbone Puppet Theater has opened its studio in Dockton to participating artists. We have been brainstorming, puppet making, rehearsing and laughing on a regular basis. These open workshops will be an ongoing feature for this and future slams.
We would like to invite artists of all ages, abilities, experience and skill level to join in and take part in upcoming slams. The next one will be coming up in mid-January, exact date tbd. If you are interested, and would like to get involved, and maybe even present a show at a future slam, please contact Adam Ende, founder and janitor of Jawbone Puppet Theater, at 347-455-5558.

In an effort to keep this accesible to the community, we are committed to keeping the ticket price low. Tickets are only $8, or $5 for kids (5 and under free), and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Just give our friendly ticket taker your sob story, and pay what you can! What a bargain!

We will also be presenting the show on Friday, November 30, at 7pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle.

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