Oh Brother


A play, set as an audition for a fictional, future production on Vashon Island of Oh Brother Where Art Thou, featuring various island performers and their renditions of songs made famous in the soundtrack from the movie. Some of the arrangements are traditional to the soundtrack, others will be original arrangements. Dotted with foolery and some Vashon-centric lore, the story breathes some fresh air into the music.
Featuring performances by Jon Whalen, Arlette Moody, Adrienne Selvy Mildon, JD Hobson and many more!

What do modern versions of old-timey music, a feral Llama and Father’s Day have in common? Vashon Island of course! Oh Brother, a production based upon the music made famous in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou, will be performed on Father’s Day this summer, Sunday June 16th at the Vashon Center for the Arts. Long-time performer, director, musician and dabbler in vocal sound effects, Jon Whalen, is once again pulling island performers together in a show of music and Vashon whimsy! A veteran cast member of the live music, comedy and variety show Church of Great Rain, Jon fell into the vast community of island performers that is one of the facets that make this island so wonderful. Since then he has created and produced two music shows, One Lucky Guy and The KVSH Birthday Exxxtravaganza! by building a band to back up some amazing voices. This time he’s bringing together many various performers with their interpretations of the songs. Some of them favorite island names; Arlette Moody, Adrienne Selvy Mildon, Lyn McManus, Paul Colwell, John Browne, all of whom have performed with Jon before. JD Hobson, Marita Eriksen, and some newer faces and voices; Chai Ste Marie, Steve Itterly, Margo Tantau, plus the band Listen in The Kitchen, will be featured in the show.

Although incorporating the music, Oh Brother will not recreate any part of the story from the film but meld some Vashon interpretation and lore with the songs. A fresh story will lead the audience thru the music to a sweet finish.

Sunday, June 16 | 7pm
$20 General, $18 Senior, $16 Member, $10 Student
Visit VashonCenterForTheArts.org for tickets