Be Part of Island History


Today, we are living through an historical moment — facing a worldwide pandemic, political upheaval, social unrest, continued racial injustice toward our own species, and man-made environmental catastrophes that threaten to extinguish life itself. So, how are we dealing with all this?

We all have stories about the disease that is crippling our society, keeping us in isolation, with little or no employment, unable to attend school, unable to make new friends or to date. Are your relationships stressed? Has the Black Lives Matter movement made a difference to you? Did you participate in the protests? How has your world changed? Are you worried about your health or that of your loved ones? Do you watch a lot of news coverage or post more on social media? Do you feel that you’re actively engaged and are trying to make a difference?

You can be a part of Vashon Island history by sharing your COVID story. There are so many stories that, when taken together, will inform future generations, as well as scholars, about how we survived here on Vashon-Maury Island, while so many in other places did not. Now is a good time to think about sharing your own experiences.

The Vashon Heritage Museum, our island equivalent of the Smithsonian, has created what it calls the “Vashon COVID-19 Archive Project.” A team led by historian Bruce Haulman, has begun collecting such stories for a future exhibit. Working in collaboration with Voice of Vashon, they are conducting video and audio interviews at several locations around Vashon-Maury throughout the month of July. The Museum’s expert historians will interview you while the cameras and audio recorders are rolling.

Your story will be preserved for all time in the museum archives. Your face, your voice, and your COVID story will become a permanent part of Island history and the stories will be woven into a TV special. Participants only need to be willing to share their stories, but artifacts such as masks and photos, even screenshots of social media posts may also be of interest.

Share your Story this week July 10 and 11, 10am-4pm in the Thriftway parking lot between Ace and Thriftway.

Visit and Vashon Heritage Museum’s Facebook page for other times and locations of the interviews.