Fireworks Safety


It’s that time of year again! If you are going to be celebrating Independence Day with fireworks, here are some tips that will help you prepare to do it safely.

Select an area that is free from flammable materials such as trees and plants. Many people safely use their fireworks on private beaches. On a beach, you can partially burry most products in the sand so that they don’t tip over. Try to keep rocks away from the products in-case something unexpected happens.

Be a good neighbor and talk to those around you about what you are planning to do. If you are shooting fireworks next to people with sensitive animals or children, please go elsewhere, or check with them to see if quiet fireworks might be an ok substitute. For those with pets you can get free canine relaxation treats at Vashon Fireworks Co and Fair Isle Animal Clinic.
To prepare your property on the 4’th, it’s a really good idea to water your yard a couple of hours before people start to use products, and have a charged garden hose ready just in case. Please remember that fireworks discharge is only legal on the 4’th of July and New Years on Vashon.

If we really do like having fireworks, we need to be responsible with them. Irresponsible use results in injuries, property damage and local bans on fireworks. Unfortunately areas with bans often have the highest injury and fire rates because supplies of safe, legal products aren’t available.

From all of us here at Vashon Fireworks Co, we hope that you have a safe and joyful 4’th of July!