Is Music the Key to Change the World?


I am Gary Culp, a Vashon visitor for 25 years, recently made our home.

As a musicologist, I recently received a message from a young friend who was excited by the effect her music was having on her audience, amazed at their response to her new vibe and lyrics. Juliana had raised the ‘A’ string on her guitar to 444 Hz and tuned the instrument to that, as I had suggested in a recent conversation. Then she recorded a new song and when it was finished, it was 4 minutes and 44 seconds long. She was “freq”ed out, saying she wanted to understand what was happening. My response follows:

Hey Juliana,

Wow! I think you are discovering your power as a musician. As you say, some listeners seem to be experiencing something mind-altering when they hear your tunes and lyrics. I’d say you are doing it right! Musicians rock! Don’t stop raising the vibe!

I’m so supportive of what you are doing. As you know, I’m very curious about the visceral impact of vibration and frequency, the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual influence of playing and listening to music, especially when the frequencies are raised a bit. Healing with sound is recent on most people’s radar but certainly an exciting frontier. We are pioneering and can possibly be changing the world.

Living here on Vashon Island where there are so many fine musicians, DJs and a great little radio station, I am attempting to do some educating on the subject here. Together we could be kick-starting a musical revolution, one song at a time.  Everything is possible.

When the ‘A’ note is raised from 440Hz to 444Hz, ‘C’ becomes 528Hz, tuned up from that dissonant 523.251Hz, which, since 1936, has been “Concert C” in our western world and the frequency we are ‘fed’ 24/7. These two frequencies work together! When raised, the music and sound they produce is lifted into harmony with Natural Sound. “Music is the Key to Change”, subtly bringing us back into balance with love, non-violence and peace. Einstein said “Everything is vibration”. We can learn more and apply what we know.

EVOLUTION IS A MONSTER! In Hindu, it’s the goddess Kali. She’s the destroyer of evil forces and has been worshipped as the Divine Mother of the Universe, the ultimate reality, divine protector and bringer of liberation. Kali is the mother of our planet’s evolution, bringing the emerging paradigm of “Peace”. She excites the quantum leap of critical collective consciousness that we are feeling in our hearts and patiently waiting for. The old way has proven itself obsolete. War is an example.

To help it along, we can encourage others to collectively “Raise the Vibe”! It’s the Science of Sound! The Gateway to Change! Many musicians are doing this already. It’s so subtle most people can’t hear it, but the raised frequencies resonate with natural healing potential. It’s being proven.

We can all tune our ‘A’ to 444Hz and experiment. How? Since it is not yet possible to buy a 444Hz tuning fork on line, you can hear it on You Tube or use a digital tuner with an adjuster to raise the ‘A’ frequency from  440Hz to 444Hz.

I say, “May the 4s be with you”! The number “4” in numerology represents the divine messenger, an angel. Notice how its configuration resembles a “winged” stick figure. According to that system, the cosmic 4s bring natural order. Put two 4s together, 44, cosmic messengers, put three together, 444, the Angel Choir and the frequency of love and harmony. Don’t believe me. Do a little research.

Here’s a tip if you’re not into electronics. On line, a ‘C’ tuning fork is available, a great tool to carry. Listen to it every now and then. Tune your instrument to that ‘C’ and ‘A’ naturally becomes 444Hz, sending both of those harmonic vibrations into your heart chakra, tuning up your unconditional love! As we believe, so we become. We do create our own reality, disturbing as it may seem, sometimes. Neuroplasticity to the rescue! Tune in, tune UP!
Some research says that under the influence of 528Hz, damaged DNA can re-organize itself to heal our genetic code of traumatic experiences caused by chaotic situations.

Music is a Miracle! I’m convinced of its power. I’ve researched and experienced it for a long time and strongly believe in its healing potential, bringing balance and order, lifting us out of the dissonance we’ve been feeling, so out of key with truth, love, conscience, harmony, and of course, peace. Raise the Vibe!

Musicians, DJs, and radio stations are discovering how important their role is in helping people to let go of old patterns and behaviors and to embrace the new paradigm that is knocking on the door of our evolution! “Music is Key!” (44 in numerology!)

By the way, this 5/28, May 28th, is our 150 Anniversary of Memorial Day. What a perfect day to kick start a Non-Violent Revolution that says, “No More War, Raise the Vibe to 444”. When we gather at our village cemetery on Memorial Day Monday at 11, I’m taking my ukulele along and we’ll be singing “Glory, glory, hallelujah, Music is changing our world!” Play the Music! Be the Music!

Love you. – gar