Klahanie School 2020 Livestream Pie Auction


Klahanie School is hosting the annual school’s Pie Auction for Family Financial Aid, Saturday August 1, 2020 6pm-9pm Live Streamed via Facebook, for the first time ever! Thank you for helping us build Fun Funds for Families! Pies and Specialty Maury-Vashon Island items will be picked up in upper Dockton/Maury Island following auction in a masked Drive-by pickup celebration tent. Specialty items can be mailed. Klahanie School is 501c3 nonprofit.

Join us for some laughter and fun Saturday August 1 6pm-9pm, Tickets are found Eventbrite.com/ Klahanie School. The Livestream is found on Facebook/ Klahanie School, starting promptly at 6pm. Please keep updated on our growing Donation List and schedule via our website, http:// www.klahanieschool.org

Annually Klahanie School receives financial aid applications for island families economically impacted for varying reasons, and especially now during COVID-19 new demands. Klahanie School admits students and families of all race, gender, religion, economic ability and seeks to continue expanding community opportunity for high-quality, safe Montessori Anti-bias, Peace development programming for Early Education ages and Mentorship opportunities for elementary and upper ages throughout our island. Klahanie School seeks to practice daily Montessori “follow the child” foundation in youth support, to shelter space for youth to explore life and learning while experiencing fun-connection based support of self process from a science, safe foundation. Our teaching teams are thankful for the community creation and trust building programming opportunities for our students and making sure all who seek to be here can be here while teachers are equipped with safe protocols and able to earn a livelihood while facilities are maintained to hospital grade-standards. Klahanie School teaching teams and board seek to ensure programming accessibility to island youth and are honored to serve  families during these uncertain times in safety and trust building foundation. Using the interests and needs of the children as a guide, a learning environment is created. Our COVID-19 CDC/OSPI protocol standard environment is prepared to be safe, developmentally appropriate and interesting while nurturing the creative and problem solving methods. The prepared environment encourages children to move about at will, making choices and building skills toward independence and adaptable resiliency.

With a world full of disconnected and extended families many times living far away, we feel committed to offering an environment where youth and families parents can experience sincere levels of support. Additional education exposure of mindfulness pause and compassionate listening/communicating in Circle format is a daily-skill building offer to practice for youth. Klahanie School was created to support all young children and families who seek opportunity for early educational experience and family advocacy. Klahanie means, “enjoyment of the outside world.” We feel honored that our school is many-times a child’s first tender steps into the outside world. We continue to work creating ways we can boost our scholarships so early child education is affordable and available to our entire island community.

For more fun ways to get involved and school details, or to sponsor as a donation or sustainably support, please contact us directly klahanieschool@gmail.com or find out more
http:// www.klahanieschool.org