Let’s Talk about Living and Dying


We have changed from The Death Café to a format that includes featured speakers, focused conversations, local resources, book reviews and upcoming events.  By coming together to talk about death and dying, we also begin to talk about life and living.  The way we think about living and dying has a profound influence on how we see our world.

This Quarter we have The Threshold Choir joining us. Since 2005 Vashon’s Threshold Choir has met islanders as they face the end of their lives, entering the rooms of dying to sing at bedsides. Part of an international movement, our island choir sings songs written by members a cappella, in three-part harmony. The songs are chosen to reflect the person in the bed, their energy, family, spiritual beliefs, age, and where they are in the dying process. The choir is currently led by Barb Adams and Mela Bredouw, and also offers a monthly “community sound bath” where everyone can experience the soothing songs. They rehearse once a month, on first Thursdays at 7PM, and welcome new members.

Our facilitated conversations will be focused on living and dying. There will be selected questions to stimulate our starting point. All conversations are confidential, accessible and respectful of all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion/faith, ethnicity and disability. It is not a grief support or counseling session. It is free from ideology with no agenda towards any conclusion about life, death or life after death. Rather, it is a confidential place to explore one’s own thoughts and feelings. Join us, have a cup of tea and a snack and discuss life and death. We will be meeting Sunday January 27 from 1-2:30PM at the Land Trust Building.

Donations gladly accepted. Please call Susan Pitiger  206 818 4232 or Jane Neubauer 206 567 5404 with questions.