Myths and Realities of U.S. Immigration: Current Procedures:

What Makes a Person Documented? Learn the Intricacies of U.S. Immigration


Because U.S. immigration policies are complex, are governed by multiple governmental departments, and are constantly changing, it is difficult to understand how our immigration system works—even for informed citizens. On Sunday, November 17, immigration lawyer and long time Vashon resident, Bob Gibbs will answer many of our questions on immigration in a talk entitled “Myths and Realities of U.S. Immigration: Current Procedures.” Gibbs, a 1974 graduate of the University of Washington School of Law, is a founder of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and its predecessor, the Joint Legal Taskforce on Central American Refugees. He has practiced immigration law exclusively for 42 years and is a founding partner of Gibbs Houston Pauw, a Seattle firm practicing immigration law exclusively.

Myths about immigration abound because of misinformation and because of the extreme complexity of our immigration process. With his long experience practicing immigration law, Bob Gibbs will prepare the audience to evaluate the many allegations on immigration encountered currently in our media.  His talk will focus on three aspects of immigration issues: an overview of legal procedures governing immigration; social and economic policy issues raised by immigration procedures such as safety nets and education; and the ethical issues related to immigration policy.  Misconceptions about immigration and employment, immigration and crime, and immigration and welfare will also be addressed.  And we will learn how the U.S. immigration system compares with the immigration systems of other countries.

The talk is sponsored by the Episcopal Church and will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 17, at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit,15420 Vashon Highway SW, across from the Care Center.