New Food Bank Hours Starting March 6th


In Fall 2017, the Vashon Maury Community Food Bank began asking our customers how we can better serve them. Our Director Robbie Rohr worked with Food Bank staff to host survey events such as focus groups, customer appreciation dinners, and more so we could collect your feedback. These efforts revealed the need for an additional evening distribution to accommodate customers who worked during the day, many of whom had been finding the single evening distribution on Wednesday nights overcrowded with long wait times.

In answer to this need, the Food Bank board and staff made the decision to add an evening distribution to Thursday nights, plus add a half hour to both Wednesday and Thursday evening distributions, to ensure better service for our community. The Food Bank receives weekly food drops on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, so having this new schedule  will not only answer customer need, but will also ensure that customers will have equal variety and quality of food on both Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

In addition to the new, expanded, evening distributions, we have also add a second midday distribution to Thursdays which will replace the previous Tuesday afternoon distribution times. Doing midday distributions on both Wednesdays and Thursdays give additional opportunities for seniors and persons with disability to shop while ensuring the same variety and quality of food that evening shoppers get is extended to the afternoon shoppers, too.

Tuesday home deliveries will continue as they always have.

We are excited to bring you this new 10 hour weekly distribution schedule starting March 6th. We expect this new schedule will give all shoppers shorter wait times and a more relaxed and equitable shopping experiences. And we want to fully acknowledge that we know this new schedule will not work for everyone. We apologize for that and are happy to work with individuals to come up with alternative plans.  Please come to talk with us in the office, email us at, or call 206-463-6332 is this is the case for you.