Reclaim the Ballot!


VashonMaury SURJ and Indivisible Vashon are partnering once again to help YOU help US save our democracy!! We have launched an online auction to raise money to donate to groups fighting voter suppression and our goal is to raise $20,200!!

We are currently gathering donations for the next week, and then will go live! So far we have art, quilts, acupuncture, gardening, chain sawing, bodywork and other creative and practical services and items.

Each of us has something to offer; think of Vashon Labor of Love where people donated all kinds of fun experiences: cooking, cleaning someone’s house, a guided kayak paddle…. we all have skills and talents that someone else would appreciate.

We would also love things! If you are an artist, consider donating a piece of your art. If you have a house with too many things, please donate some to us! We will accept any item with a worth of $20 or more. We know Granny’s was closed for an awfully long time and is now only accepting limited donations. Gift some to the auction!!

The donation form takes just a few minutes to fill out. Make sure to decide on a value for your item, then start the bidding at about one third of that value. We also need a picture. There are lots of free images available on the internet if you are offering a service; find one and download it to your computer and upload it to the auction site. We can help with that part if you wish.

To donate or to shop. go to this link: