Register to vote for the new Council


The New Vashon Maury Island Community Council (VMICC) will be holding an election of its first board.  The board will be made up of nine members, 7 of which will be elected by the public and the remaining two will be selected by the elected board.  You may vote if you are a resident of Vashon and will be 16 no later than election day, Nov. 3.  The election begins on Oct 22 after the closing of nominations and will end at the end of the day on Nov. 3.

You can vote in this election in two ways:
1)    You can register at (our preferred way) and we will send you an email with a link to the voting website once the voting begins.  If you want to enable two people to vote at one email address, we can send you a code to enable the second person to vote.
2)    If you don’t have access to email, you can ask for a paper ballot at either of the grocery stores at the customer service desk on or after Oct. 22.  Paper ballots will need to be mailed to VMICC (address on ballot) with your stamp and must be postmarked on or before Nov. 3.
The candidates running as of today and their bios (edited for brevity), are below. The complete list of candidates and their full bios will later be in the other weekly, at the paper ballot pickup locations, and will also be available on the VMICC website after Oct 22.

John Affolter
Bio: Retired public school administrator and special education teacher, visual artist, previous democratic PCO. Served on the Vashon Community Clinic board, founder and chair of the Vashon Teen Center board, Vashon Park District Winghaven property steward, Washington State Teen Risk assessment study, founder and head coach of the Vashon Seals swim team. I annually work with refugees in Greece.
Reason: I’ve lived on Vashon since 1978 and have seen it grow and meet challenges that comes with change. I have worked with the King County Council on social issues regarding Vashon and am skilled with finding solutions to problems through collaborative exchange. I have been engaged in the social fabric of Vashon off and on for many years and now that I am retired, I have more time to serve my community.

Terah Bruce
Bio: I’ve lived in the PNW all 30 years of my life – grew up in Stanwood/Camano Island and have been on Vashon the past 2 years and am absolutely in love with this place. I am a Thai Massage therapist and care a great deal about the well-being of people and the planet. My interests include dance & movement, order & organization, creating a more just world, food (all things food), Thai medicine, and reading.
Reason: I am running because I want to participate more fully in my community. In these times it seems more important than ever to further build community cohesion and resilience. I work at The Ruby Brink, volunteer at the food bank, have participated in the research team of King County Equity Now, and have made many friends and connections here.

Diane Emerson
Bio: Have an MBA in marketing management, worked 17 years in the special chemical industry, served on several boards, spent seven years volunteering around the world. Arrived on Vashon in 2013,  married islander Michael Laurie in 2014.  Together we run Garden Green: helping Islanders garden organically, and sell native and medicinal plants. I run a separate landscaping business.
Reason:  I responded to David Vogel’s request for help in restarting the council because I believe strongly in its purpose. I have helped create bylaws and policies, promoted meetings, taken many minutes, co-managed the e-mail lists, and have hosted many of the virtual meetings on Webex.

Dawn Hylton
Bio: I have served in the Army and Air Force as a Chemical Operations Specialist specializing in CBRNE education, decontamination and recon. I received my Bachelors in Nursing from California Baptist University and my Masters in Social Work from Walden University. Born in Los Angeles, spent most of my childhood in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, currently work for a Non profit agency serving as an Infant and Child Mental Health Therapist.
Reason: My desire to run for member of the council stems from my passion of helping others and seeking the best interest of the people in our community. My goal is to be active in areas of racial equity and social welfare within our communities by way of education, art and other partnerships whose mission encompasses social welfare for the diverse populations within our communities.

L. Nicholas Jurus
Bio:  Islander since 1983, Master Carpenter & Builder for most of my life in Washington since 1980 and Vashon since 1991, volunteer of three Teams:  search & rescue, crime scene investigatior, missionary construction teams serving globally, published author, professional certificates in business writing and home inspections. Volunteering is what I best do in life.
Reason: I care about our island and the quality of life for my fellow islanders, have long experience working at management level, think outside the box, inventor-creator-problem solver, team worker, ability to see things from all perspectives. I have been a supporter of whatever is “Truly Good” for our island, and if I can make a difference or be a part of a Team– who’s ‘focus’ is the betterment of our island and communities… I’m in!
Camille Reeves
Bio:  Third-generation Islander and on a first name basis with a large portion of the community,
part of Island’s vibrant music scene, a writer and an independent scholar focusing on history and philosophy. Truth-seeking is important to me.  Being a mom is my primary purpose, but growing and sharing my own food, creating infrastructure that promotes community reliance and homespun economic resilience is exciting to me.
Reason: What I want to offer the Council, and my community at large, is my insight into the past – historical inquiry and my experience of the Island over the last three decades – and my vision for our future, am a strong advocate of sustainable, local economy, artistic community, and of our local farmers, will advocate for essential elements of our ecosystem, with input from ecological experts, local hunters, forest stewards, and water district managers.

Nicholas Simmons
Bio: Lifelong island resident, class of 2002. Work experience split between construction, IT, and the Burton Water Co. I have always volunteered my skills when I can to help those in need, see here: – more embarrassing photos available upon request.
Reason: Growing up on the island I figured I’d end up living somewhere else, but the community and land always drew me back. In 2012, I bought a house on the North end, got married and had two kids. This community has been good to me, and the community council is a way for me to give back. I have connections in: the trades – contractors and subs, musicians and the arts community, water purveyors, environmental and conservation orgs., and the schools.  I am passionate about representative democracy.

Nathan Tedrow
Bio: I’m a 31 year old Data Analyst for Tableau, raised in Unincorporated King County and moved to Vashon in Aug ‘19 with my partner, Steve. I love nature, animals, and helping others.
Reason: I’m currently a sitting member on the BoD for Vashon Island Unitarian Fellowship and the non-profit DOVE. I have experience in student government, feel comfortable talking to big (and small groups), and I’m passionate about advocacy. My hope is to involve young and queer voices leadership on Vashon to help build a stronger community.

David S. Vogel
Bio:  Law school in MA, moved to Seattle in 1983, Vashon in 1984. From 1986 to 1993, president of the VMICC and remained on the Board till 2001. Co-Chaired the Vashon Town Plan Committee and Vashon’s Street-Naming Committee, served on the Boards of The Harbor School and Vashon Household. In 2008, moved to San Luis Obispo County. Upon moving back, I started the process to bring back the VMICC.
Reason:  Growing up in NYC taught me to treat everyone with respect, can communicate easily with large groups, am pragmatic, and my training in mediation enables me to work with opposing viewpoints. In the past, the VMICC has been called “a small group of liberal do-gooders,” but I would like to reach out to more people from all walks of life and all political persuasions.