The Jazz Guy’s 400th Show Airs on KVSH


“Hey hey, hi hi It’s Bill Wood The Jazz Guy”.  That’s the signature line Bill has used to begin every one of his shows broadcast on Voice Of Vashon since 1999. And The Jazz Guy’s Show #400 will be aired Christmas Eve on the Voice of Vashon.

Show 400, subtitled Together Again, brings back some of the quirky characters that were featured in the earlier days of the program. Grandpa, that testy icon of senility, will be there, Howard and Beverly will be there to strain and mend and strain their relationship once again, the always scintillating Jazz Guy Groupies Elizabeth Golen-Johnson, Ann Von Briesen Lewis, Susan McCabe and Jeanne Dougherty will return to perform the stirring “Jazz Guy Groupie Fight Song”, and even the mysterious and elusive Baby Blue may materialize out of the ether. And, of course, there’s the music, presumably the reason you listened to The Jazz Guy in the first place.

Bill Wood has a vast knowledge of and passion for jazz. “I first fell in love with jazz in 1947” he says.  “I was in boarding school and heard the song “Original Dixieland One Step”. My love of jazz continues to this day and all of the music that I play on The Jazz Guy shows comes from my private collection.“

Bill has a background in writing ranging from screenplays and television scripts in Hollywood to public service announcements for Voice of Vashon. He is the creator of the hilarious unofficial Vashon anthem “Keep Vashon Weird”, wrote comedy skits for the popular Church of Great Rain shows, and has even written a novel and play titled “Billy Boy”.

Bill Wood, with The Jazz Guy Show 400: Together Again, airing at 3:00 PM on Christmas Eve, December 24 on the Voice of Vashon at 101.9FM KVSH LP and