Vashon Community Care is a 5 Star building


Vashon Community Care is now a 5 Star Community. VCC has been awarded a 5-star rating by the Center for Medicare Medicaid Services, a Federal oversight agency.  An experienced group of leaders and a dedicated staff that has made significant improvements over the last year has achieved this turnaround. As a result of VCC’s diligent efforts, VCC has increased its level of quality care and compliance with Federal standards, and through these efforts achieved a 5 star rating.

In the first year, since VCC affiliated with Transforming Age, a strong Team has joined VCC.  The addition of our Director of Nursing Jeb Korzilius and Assisted Living Manager Krystal Willingham, among other key team members, has made a positive and direct impact on resident care and customer service.

VCC has also made many improvements to the workplace and staff benefits. In addition to the improved health plan benefit and reduced insurance costs (is this what he is trying to say?) that the VCC team gained a year ago, we have added at 403b retirement plan opportunity for our staff in 2019. This is a benefit that is vital to staff recruitment and retention in the challenging workforce shortage we are facing today.

My goal for VCC is to maintain our 5 star rating and continue to develop strong leadership to remain a vital resource for the Vashon community.  VCC has an incredible history, started by Islanders caring for Islanders and supported by the Vashon Community for the past 90 years. We are going to accomplish this by continuing to improve upon the caring tradition and improve on it in every way we can.  Thank you to all Islanders that have given their time and resources to support the mission of VCC over the years. After a year of diligent work VCC has achieved another major milestone. Having achieved a 5 star rating, the VCC Team is looking forward to increase our opportunities to connect with the Vashon community at large, as VCC needs the time and resources of Vashon Islanders now as much as ever before.
Mike Schwartz, NHA
Executive Director