Vashon Kids Beats COVID


Essential program serves families throughout COVID

“I am an essential worker for King County,” explains a Vashon Kids mom, “Plain and simple, I would not have been able to keep my job if it weren’t for Vashon Kids. The VK team was awesome before COVID, but what they did to provide not just the enrichment but safety and stability for our kids – it has been an incredible effort truly over and above anything I could have expected.”

Vashon Kids at Chautauqua prioritizes social emotional skill building and providing parent support. The team has provided front-line care throughout COVID, adapting and transitioning program elements and schedules multiple times to best meet the needs of hard working Island families.

“Vashon Kids dedication and ability to meet the kids’ unique needs is incredible. My son had a hard time with remote learning, difficulty learning how to use the computer – and I’m not tech savvy. But Vashon Kids not only helped him learn the skills he needed to complete remote work but truly advance his learning. Now he’s teaching me!” the proud mom continues.
Vashon Kids serves as a front-line program with staff trained to spot trouble in youth and their families. Collaboration between Vashon Kids, VYFS Behavioral Health and the Island School District provide detection and prevention measures to help families stabilize and strengthen their position.

“Vashon Kids is our village, and the VK Team watches out for entire families, and safe and healthy interaction between kids. They help make my son a better person and me a better parent,” the mom concludes, “I am eternally grateful.”

Unfortunately, while vaccination rates will go up and infections down, the effects of COVID will continue to destabilize Island families. Vashon Kids is not able to fully meet the need for scholarships which are funded solely by Island donations because there are no guaranteed grants or government funding for Vashon Kids.